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Specific signs on X axis Excel chart

How to display specific Signs or Text on a Chart in Excel

In this tutorial I will show how to create a chart when the data is specific and we want to show only one column. These specific data, signs or characters can be text, 'star sign' or 'star with a number'. In the picture below you can see an example of the completed chart. Furthermore, in the tutorial you see how to create a chart with specific characters in the X axis in Excel.

Specific signs, characters or text on the X axis Excel chart-graph

In Excel table we have two columns with data. In the 'Column 1' are the specific data to be mapped on the horizontal X-axis graph for each value on the vertical Y axis from 'Column 2'.

Step 1.

How to create a Chart in Excel 2013

Select the data table. On the 'Insert tab' click on the 'Insert Column Chart' icon/button. Select the command '2-D Column' and first template 'Clustered Column'.

How to create a chart in Excel 2013

Now we have created an Excel chart like this one in the picture below.

Creating a 2D chart in Excel

How to change the range of data in Excel chart

Let's make some changes to the chart to get the desired result. Click double click on a frame chart. On the Ribbon appeared 'Chart Tools Format' toolbar and click on it to command 'Select Data'. Now you have an open dialog box 'Select Data Source'. Immediately turn off the 'check box' for 'Column 1' on this dialog box because it does not want to show up on an Excel chart.

Changing data in Excel chart

Step 3.

The next step is on the left side of the dialog select 'Legend Entries (Series)' text 'Column 2', and then click your mouse on the 'Edit' button in the right part of the dialog in the 'Horizontal (Category) Axis Labels'. You opened the dialog box 'Axis Labels' on which click the button for selecting the range of cells the horizontal 'X-axis' of the graph of Excel.

select the data range for horizontal or horizontal X-axis on an Excel chart

Opens a new dialog box, select the range of data in the first column 'Column 1' and then click again on the button for selection to return to its original state. Now the situation is as shown below.

How to change the data range for the horizontal X-axis on the chart Excel

After clicking the OK button now returns to the dialog 'Select Data Source', you will see the changed data for the horizontal X-axis Excel chart. Click the OK button.

Changing the data for horizontal X-axis on an Excel chart

How to change the range of values on the vertical axis Excel chart

The next step is to change the range of values on the vertical Y-axis Excel chart. Click the double-click mouse the value in the vertical position Excel chart. There was a box 'Format Axis' in the right part of the Excel workspace window. You notice which all the actions you need to do (order numbers) in range of values on the vertical axis Excel chart. In Excel 2013 changes the Y values do not differ much from the change in Y axis in Excel 2007.

How to change the range of values ​​on the vertical axis Excel chart

By order of the numbers set the following values :

4. 'Bounds-Minimum' 55.0
5. 'Bounds-Maximum' 65.0
6. 'Units-Major' 1.0
7. 'Units-Minor' 0.2

Step 5.

Finally, the chart in Excel 2013 looks like the image below. You still remain further design the look of Excel charts, eventually removing the name below it, change the color of the columns and the like.

How to make a chart in Excel 2013