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Slicers in Excel 2013

Insert Slicers in Excel 2013

In Excel Pivot Table can be used as a summary of filtering a range of data or tables in Excel. In this example tutorial I will show how we can quickly filter the data Pivot tables, using Slicers panels.

You might be wondering what it is Slicers in Excel. In layman I would say that these are floating menus with which we have a graphical overview of all the desired data from a table. In fact these are floating menus where we can quickly filter the pivot table. We can move the Slicers, on the worksheet and move to a location that we want. Also, Slicers should not be on the same worksheet where the source table data, based on which we have created a Pivot Table.

As a condition to add Slicers on the worksheet is to create a Pivot Table. If you do not know how to create a Pivot Table, see the tutorial or click on the respective link in this paragraph.

The first step based on the range of data is to create a Pivot Table. After creating a Pivot Table is necessary that the selected one of the cells in the Pivot Table. After selecting the Pivot Table to insert tab you will see a command/button Slicer or the 'ANALYZE tab' you notice command/button "Insert Slicer".

How to insert or add Slicers in Excel

Adding Slicers for created Pivot Table in Excel

Clicking on any of the above commands to insert Slicers opens a dialogue window where you check the box for the terms you want to include in the filter. I marked all working examples of this tutorial.

How to choose the items for Slicers in Excel

Created Pivot Table and Slicers in Excel 2013

After creating a Pivot Table and inserting Slicers based on the Pivot Table we have a situation like an image below. When inserting Slicers, Excel them reorders cascading, I deployed them on the worksheet according to my desire. To you move Slicers on the worksheet, click on a specific Slicer panel that is framed. Grasp the mouse frame Slicers and drag-and-drop, place it to the desired position.

Pivot Table in Excel and Slicers
In the picture above you see the data range, Pivot Table, arranged Slicers. Clicking on an item within each Slicers are automatically filtered PivotTable.

To turn off the filter, click on the red "X" in the upper right corner Slicers (see image below).

Dynamic Filtering data using Pivot Table in Excel Slicers

In the picture below you see how it looks dynamic data filtering Pivot Table using Slicers panel. You notice that I clicked on the concept of 'Slavonija' in Slicer panel 'Region'. Also note that other Slicers look after filtering one Slicer

How quickly filtering data using pivot table in Excel Slicers

To make a new filter, you can click on the following term on the second Slicer panel. Also you can turn off filtering Slicer previous panel. In the picture below the filtering is performed on the panel Slicer 'Name' and automatically Pivot Table adapted request filtering. I have for you in this example using the letters in red color information related to filtering in the image below. You notice that the Pivot table into account the data from the two rows for one name.

How to dynamicaly filtering the PivotTable by using Slicers in Excel

Auto Update or Refresh  Pivot Table

If you want to automatically refresh the PivotTable then use this VBA code below that set in Sheet Module

Private Sub Worksheet_Activate()
     'If this worksheet is activated, refresh the Pivot Table
     'Change "Pivot" to your sheet's name
     'Change "PivotTable1" to your pivot table's name

End Sub