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Protect the Workbook in Excel 2013

How to lock the entire Workbook in Excel 2013

In the previous tutorial, we learned how to protect cells and worksheet in Excel. In this tutorial, we continue with the topic of teaching beginners to protect a workbook in Excel 2013
The actions described in this topic, we do protect the entire workbook in Excel. The first part of the tutorial refers to lock and protect structures and windows open workbook.

The structure of the Workbook in Excel

What is the structure of the workbook in Excel?
Under the structure of the workbook mean all worksheets to a workbook contains, as well as their arrangement or the order. When you lock the structure, the user does not have the ability to add, delete, hide, edit or create a new worksheet as well as the relocation of the order of worksheets. You are not active, some commands on the shortcut menu, which you can see in the picture at the end of this tutorial.

Protecting the structure of the Workbook in Excel

The command to start the protection structure of the workbook in Excel starts the Review toolbar. You need to click on the command Protect Workbook. Also, you notice command Protect and Share Workbook.

How to lock the workbook in Excel 2013 that you can not add a new worksheet

Protection structures Excel workbook can also run through File-Info menu. Click on the command Protect Workbook and then click on the list of commands on the command Protect Workbook Structure.

File Info menu to protect a workbook in Excel

After starting the dialog window to protect the structure of the workbook note that Excel 2013, in this case, there is only one option that is available (Structure). The password is not required but if you really want to protect the structure then set a password, and do not forget.

How to lock the structure and windows of the workbook in Excel

After locking or protecting structures workbook, right-click mouse on the name of a worksheet. Note that the shortcut menu, you do not have an active some of the commands, because the structure is locked.

Locked and protected the structure of the workbook in Excel

Protecting Excel document or file Workbook from opening, changing data, or permit the use of read-only

In as much as having a need to lock or protect a workbook from opening or modifying data or read-only protection then this can be done through File-Info text menu. Clicking the Save As command, you will open a dialog window where you notice the Tools command drop-down list that contains several commands and we are interested in the General Options command.

Clicking on the General Options command opens a dialog box in which we can include some of the options.
  • Always create the backup (Option for permanent archiving Excel Files)
  • Password to open (Password to permit opening an Excel workbook)
  • Password to modify (Password for permission to change data in an Excel workbook)
  • Read-only recommended (no possibilities for data exchange)

How to protect an Excel file from opening or modifying data or allow read-only

For each password you typed, you will need to confirm the new dialog box.