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Make Garph or Chart in Excel 2013

Insert a chart in Excel Worksheet

In Excel 2013, you can graphically display the data table or a calculation. Graphic charts or graphs can make to the following instructions.

Please select the data range for which you want to create a chart. On Insert toolbar in group commands Charts click on the chart type you want to create. In the picture below I chose a 2D bar graph (2D Column). Table data range that I have selected the two columns of the chart has two axes (vertical Y-axis and horizontal X-axis). The horizontal X-axis labels are for the months of the year and the vertical Y-axis there are values ​​in some kind of continuous growing spaces. All these elements of the chart we can see that after creating the chart change.

How to create a graph or chart in Excel

Design toolbar and the Format toolbar after creating a chart in Excel 2013

After make chart on ribbon appeared two toolbars, Design toolbar and Format toolbar. On these toolbars are commands for additional formatting and editing charts. Explore your own commands on the toolbars.

Toolbars to design and modify charts or diagrams in Excel

Elements of graph or chart in Excel 2013

Chart in Excel 2013 has three icons/the button, along with the frame after being selected by the chart. First Chart Elements button is used to add or remove elements on the chart.

How to add or remove elements of the chart in Exce

Change the style charts or graphs in Excel 2013

The other two check boxes along with the frame chart are: Style and Values​​. Use these buttons and options that they contain further change the look of the chart as it will be to show the diagram.

How to change the style of the graph or chart in Excel

Formatting and editing a chart in Excel 2013

Chart in Excel 2013 can further shape over the shortcut menu (the pop-up menu). Right-click mouse on edge of the box chart. There was a shortcut menu where you can choose one of the options that you can edit the chart.

How to edit or edit a chart in Excel

Changing the type of chart in Excel 2013

If you create a chart in Excel 2013 and you realize that the appearance of the graph does not fit to your desire then you can change the type or the type of chart. In the picture above, see the command Change Chart Type, click on it you will open a dialog box as shown below. In this dialog box, you can change the chart type.

How to change the type of chart in Excel

Formatting and layout design chart in Excel 2013

On the shortcut menu (popup menu) you also have the command Format Chart Area, using this command you can further modify the appearance of a chart in Excel 2013. By activating commands listed in the right side of the Excel workspace window pane appears. Format Chart Area pane contains two main options: Chart Options and Text Options.
Chart Options
Fill & Line Fill
Efects Shadow

Text Options 
Size & Properties Size
Alt Text
Text Fill & Outline
Text Efects
How to format and design a layout the chart in Excel

Different types of charts in Excel 2013

In the picture below, see different types of charts in one range of data.

The appearance of various types or kinds of graphs or charts in Excel