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Insert picture to comment box in Excel

Insert a picture in a comment in Excel 2013

Excel 2013 allows you to add a picture or the comment that we change the background color of the comment box, and the like. To edit a comment, and perform a variety of formats, do the following:
  1. Click the cell where you want to edit a comment
  2. Click on the command 'Edit Comment' on the toolbar 'Review' (or choose a command from the pop-up menu via right-click on the cell)
  3. Position the cursor exactly on the border of the comment box that you appear multiple arrows in the shape of a cross
  4. Right-click mouse on the border of the comment box (or on one of the squares of the expansion frame). IMPORTANT: Make sure that you do this because you will not get the desired dialog box.
  5. Choose from the pop-up menu command "Format Comment '
How to edit a comment in Excel

If you correctly clicked right-click on the border of the comment box appeared you dialog box as shown below. Click on the tab 'Colors and Lines'. In the 'Fill' zone, click on the triangle to open the drop-down menu and then click on the 'Fill Efects' at the bottom.

On the way to add or insert a picture in a comment in an Excel cell
You opened a new dialog window where you should click on the tab 'Picture'. Then click on 'Select Picture' button and follow the instructions, or find your picture on your hard drive that you want to insert the comment box.

How to add a picture or photo in Excel 2013 comment
In the final completion after inserting the image into the box comments in an Excel cell (see the figure below), it is enough to position the cursor on the cell and appear to be a comment with a picture. You have to do this option Excel 2013 make according to your preferences and needs, for example: if you have the names of workers in comments can add their photo and the like.

View the comment in a cell Excel after inserting images