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Insert or create PivotTable in Excel 2013

Pivot Table used for the organization or grouping of data according to certain criteria (conditions). If you want to create a PivotTable in Excel related to a specific range of data then you notice it in the picture below.

Insert a Pivot Table to selected data in Excel
The first step is to create a PivotTable selecting the entire range of data, or a range of cells with the column headers.

Creating a PivotTable in Excel

Insert a Pivot Table in Excel 2013

How to manually create a Pivot Table in Excel. After selecting the data range or ranges of cells on the Insert toolbar, click PivotTable command. If you want to excel for you to create a pivot table then on the Insert toolbar, click on the command Recommended PivotTables. Excel will automatically create a new worksheet and make it to the Pivot Table.

Inserting or making  PivotTable in Excel

Now you can open a new dialog window where you notice the settings that need to be determined. As we have previously selected a range of data in the dialog box have a valid address for the Table/Range. The next step is specify which Excel worksheet will create a Pivot Table. I'm in this example created a Pivot Table on the same worksheet starting at cell A10.

Creating a Pivot Table in Excel

After creating a Pivot Table situation might look like the image below. Note newly opened pane on the right side of the Excel worksheet after you click one of the cells in the pivot table. Pivot Table in this case has a range of A10:C16. The range of cells is variable and depends on what you all fields retreated from the upper pane in the lower part of the four-stage shaft. Fields are retreating by option drag-and-drop.

Rows - the names and ranks of the mainly accommodation data contained in the selected rows of the table but not necessarily.
Values - we group the data and create a report in a Pivot Table.

You notice in the picture below that after creating a PivotTable emerged two additional toolbars on ribbon, Analysis toolbar and Design toolbar. On these toolbars are commands for editing and extra work with Pivot Table.

Pivot Table in Excel

After creating a Pivot Table, we can change some of the data according to our needs. These modifications can be done using the command Value Field Settings. See the image below. Other possibilities Pivot Table explore more personal.

Change the type and value of the data for the pivot table in Excel

How to Delete a Pivot Table in Excel

  1. Click on the one cell in PivotTable report.
  2. On the Analyze toolbar in the Actions group, click Select command and then click Entire PivotTable.
  3. Press DELETE key on the keyboard.

Automatically refresh Pivot Table

If you want to automatically refresh the pivot table then use this VBA code below that set in Sheet Module

Private Sub Worksheet_Activate()
     'If this worksheet is activated, refresh the pivot table
     'Change "Pivot" to your sheet's name
     'Change "PivotTable1" to your pivot table's name

End Sub

or this VBA code for multiple Pivot Tables

Private Sub Worksheet_Activate()
'auto update multiple Pivot Table
   For Each pt In ActiveSheet.PivotTables
   Next pt
End Sub