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Hide or unhide and spliting a worksheet in Excel 2013

Hide and Unhide a Worksheet in Excel 2013

Excel 2013 allows us to hide one or more worksheets. Hiding or display worksheets tab in the workbook can be done as follows:

The first way to hide a worksheet using a command button Format on the toolbar Home. Clicking the button opens the Format drop-down list to us where we can choose the command Hide & Unhide and then the command Hide Sheet or Unhide Sheet.

Another way is by clicking the right mouse button and shortcut menus. Right click mouse  on the name of the worksheet (worksheet tab) and the pop-up menu or the shortcut menu, choose the command Hide or Unhide. (see the image below in the red box).

How to hide or display the worksheet tab in Excel

How to Split a window worksheet in Excel 2013 (Split Screen in Excel)

Before spliting window worksheet into multiple parts necessary to select a particular cell, and then click the Split command on the View toolbar. The working window in the worksheet in the workbook can be divided into several types:
  • The four parts of the workspace window worksheet in Excel
  • Two horizontal portion of the working window of the worksheet in Excel
  • Two vertical part of the working window of the worksheet in Excel
  • Two workbooks in a horizontal arrangement
  • Two workbooks in a vertical arrangement
How to Split the working window of the worksheet in Excel

Excel 2013 will split the working window (screen worksheet window) in a four-part window if we select a cell, for example: D14, but if we select a cell in the first column, for example: A7 then Excel 2013 worksheet is split the into two horizontal parts of the window. If you want to split the the window into two vertical parts of the window then selects a cell in the first row, for example: D1 and then click the Split command. When it comes to the split of the working window into four parts then Excel will set the boundaries of split above and to the left of the selected cell.

How to Split the worksheet into four parts in Excel

Moving the border split the working window of Excel 2013 using the mouse

You can move border split worksheet using the mouse cursor. When you position the mouse pointer on the border of split, the mouse pointer will transform into two horizontal lines with two main opposite arrows for horizontal division or two vertical lines and two opposing arrows. At the moment of transformation, click the left mouse button and by option drag-and-drop, drag the border to the desired position.

To delete or remove the border split worksheet, just click the mouse twice on the border split the worksheet or click the Split button on the View toolbar.

How to move the border split the worksheet using the mouse cursor
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