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Hide and Unhide Rows or Columns in Excel

How to Hide or Unhide a row or column in Excel

If you didn't know that in Excel there is a possibility that the row or column you do invisible ie. hiding rows (Row) and columns (Column).
When would you like to Hide (make invisible) one Row or Column it is necessary to select the row or column, then click the HOME tab, in the Cells group choose the command Format = > Hide & Unhide = > Hide Rows/Columns.

For the Unhide of hidden row or column it is necessary to select two adjacent visible row or column, and then choose the command Format = > Hide & Unhide = > Unhide Rows/Columns.

You can get these commands from the pop-up menu, so that the selected rows or columns by clicking the right mouse button and then click the commands menu Hide/Unhide.

If you want to select multiple adjacent rows, select the rows or columns by stretching the left mouse (on a drag-and-drop) from the first row to the last desired (or click on the first row, press the SHIFT key and hold it and then click on the last row). How to select or select a row or column, take a look at the following link.

If you want to select only certain nonadjacent rows or columns, then click on the name of the (ordinal number or letter) of the first row/column, it select and then press the CTRL key, keep it well continue with clicking by following the desired rows/columns.

How to hide or unhide a row or column in Excel

Hidden Rows and Columns in Excel

After successfully completed the actions you have hidden rows and columns as in the picture below.
Note: Never do not select the rows and columns at once, because you will not get the desired result. First select or highlight Rows and hide them, after this then select the columns to hide them well.

Hiding rows and columns in Excel
When you want to display (Unhide) a Column or Row, you need to select the first adjacent row or column before hidden rows and the first following the row or column behind a hidden row or column. Then you click the right mouse button on the selection, location and then select a command to Unhide.

Hiding and Unhiding nonadjacent rows in Excel

If you want to Unhide more nonadjacent hidden rows, select the according to the above mentioned hidden rows or the range, and then click the right mouse button on a number of the selected row. From the pop-up menu, click the Unhide that invisible rows do visible.

Unhide hidden rows in Excel

Hide all the rows and columns on the worksheet, Excel

If you want to Hide all the rows and columns in an Excel worksheet, then select all of the rows and columns by clicking on row headers column my date in the upper left corner (bellow the NameBox) well then, use the Hide command from the pop-up menu. See image below.

How to hide all the columns and rows on a worksheet in Excel