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Filtering parts of the text in an Excel column

In this tutorial I will show how you can filter all of the data in the column on specific parts of text that contain data. In the picture below you will see that the column contains text. The goal is to filter the column and display only cells that contain specific text in this case is that the word "com", which is located at the end of the text.

Select the entire column and then on the Data toolbar, click the Filter command.

Figure 1.
Specifically filtering text in Excel 2013

How to display only cells that contain a particular word in the text

After the show the button filtering in the first row of the respective column, click on it to open the drop-down menu. From the drop down menu, click on the option Text Filters and next drop-down menu, click the command Contains...

Figure 2.
Filtering text in Excel

You opened the dialog window called Custom AutoFilter. In it you will see in the left side of the field and inside command 'Contains'. In the right field next type the word 'com' because we want to filter out all cells that contain the word. You notice on the same dialog box that you can use wildcard characters as question mark (?) and asterisk (*). Click the OK button.

Figure 3.
How to use custom or advanced filter in Excel

Here I want to mention that the order in the left column 'end with' shows the same result. See for yourself that all orders can be placed in the left column Custom AutoFiltar dialog.

Now you notice that Excel displays only the cells that contain a particular word that is installed condition.

Figure 4.
Filtered text in Excel