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Duct Drawer for AutoCAD and Installing Instructions

Download "Duct Drawer program for AutoCAD.

Duct Drawer is an AutoCAD based software for drawing ducts.

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To set up the program to your PC:

1. Make sure you use AutoCAD 2005 or later (full version) on your PC.

2. Put both files "New2D-Ducts.dvb" and "Show2D.lsp" somewhere on your PC.

3. Set the decimal symbol in Control Panel--> Regional and Language Options
> Regional options > Customize to "point".

4.Start AutoCAD

5.In Tools-->Load Application load both files "New2D-Ducts.dvb" and "Show2D.lsp".

6.In Tools-->Load Application add both files "New2D-Ducts.dvb" and "Show2D.lsp" to StartUp Suite.

7.Use "dd" in the command line to start the program.
Duct Drawer for AutoCAD Download