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Download Novec 1230 Gas Calculator

Novec 1230 is gas used in fire protection especially for applications such as the server, communication, and electrical rooms.

Novec gas is a gas of pure gases that protect the environment and non-toxic during the fire, a modern gas is somewhat used and the most famous producer of this gas is a company called 3M.

  • Its chemical name is C6F12O
  • Its name in NFPA code is FK-5-1-12
  • Novec is a trade name 
  • NFPA 2001 is the related code
It is harmless on ozone layer and has a very high suppression response on fire that does not take seconds.
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The 12th version Novec 1230 calculator is  for calculating the volume of gas for a specific space by determining the degree of  hazard, temperature, and elevation  (Cairo Elevation is 23 meters, for example, you can change it) and the weight of gas and the number of cylinders, according to TYCO and NFPA 2001, You can print a report.

Created by: 
Engr Mostafa Elwakeel
Republic of Egypt

Novec 1230 Gas Calculator Download