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Download Fire Sprinkler Systems Calculation Excel Sheets

Download a Collection of Firefighting Design Excel sheets

Excel sheets are always the easiest and the most accurate way for firefighting calculations.

Using the manual way always produces inaccurate results due to human mistakes, besides it takes a lot of time and effort.

So I recommend using excel sheets in calculations except in fire sprinklers hydraulic calculations I use Elite Fire 

These excel sheets below can be used for performing calculations for:

 Dar Elhandasa Firefighting sheet
  •  Final Calculation Sheet
  •  Fire Sprinklers Hydraulic calculations
  •  Hazen Williams Equation
  •  Pipe Hydraulic Loss
  •  Sprinkler Types
  •  Sprinklers Spacing
Dar Elhandasa Firefighting Summary Download 
Fire Sprinklers Hydraulic calculations Download
Fire Sprinklers Types Download
Fire Sprinklers Spacing Download 
Hazen-Williams Equation Download