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Display Picture from another Worksheet

How to display an Image from Another Worksheet based on the value/name drop-down menu in the cell?

In this tutorial, I will show how we can on the worksheet in Excel to display a certain image or picture that you can choose from the drop-down menu whether the image (picture) name or code or number value. This is a simple example of a picture in the adjacent cell (or any cell) to another sheet based on the condition that there is a cell in another worksheet that there is a drop-down menu or directly write the image name, number and the like as well as this condition can be obtained by a formula. There are many situations where this example can be used and it all depends on the needs of users of Excel.

In the tutorials in which I have already written about insert images from a folder and adjusting the size of a cell or display picture from the same worksheet. You can see similar actions as the previous step of this tutorial.

In the picture below you see Sheet1 wherein the cell 'A1' is the name of the image (number, code, etc.). In cell B2 'we want to Excel displays the picture from another worksheet to which it belongs name from the cell' A1 '. Here I used a cell 'B2' but this is irrelevant. You can use any cell in the Excel worksheet.

Display an image from another worksheet by selecting name from the drop down menu
In the picture below you see Sheet2 which appears in column 'A' list of all images with their names (or codes, numbers, etc.). In the column 'B' are inserted all the images in the classical way (Insert => Pictures). Therefore, the data are in the range A2: B8.

List and view the inserted images on another worksheet in Excel

When we have prepared the form of a worksheet go to the next step in order to Sheet1, display an image from Sheet2, so my choice is made with the drop-down menu.

Necessary is to Excel Name Manager naming by the name of some formulas and cells. So click on the tab Formulas => command Name Manager and name the following formula. (see image below to create a new name in the Name Manager)

Name: ChangingPictures
Refers to: =OFFSET(Sheet2!$A$2;;;COUNTA(Sheet2!$A1:$A8);1)

Name: Pictures
Refers to: =OFFSET(Sheet2!$B$2;MATCH(DropDown;ChangingPictures;0)-1;0)

How to define a new name with a formula in Excel Name Manager

The next step is to naming a cell 'A1'. So, select the cell 'A1' and in the 'Name Box' type 'DropDown'. (see image below).

How to name a cell in Excel

And finally a look at Excel Name Manager looks like as shown below.

Excel Name Manager to display images from another worksheet

Link to a picture in Excel

All previous actions we have provided the necessary conditions for image display on Sheet1.

Furthermore it is necessary to Sheet2 select cell B2 (which contain the first picture) ATTENTION: Do not select the image, select the cell in which the first image. Well, then Copy from the ribbon.

Position the cursor on Sheet1 and select cell B2 in which the need to display an image. (here are accidentally identical addresses but do not you think that it must be so).

On the Home tab, click Paste and choose the command Linked Picture. (see image below).

Paste picture As Link in Excel

Now, we have a situation where the image (picture) will appear on Sheet1 and When selecting an image (picture) you see in the formula field, the following formula =Sheet2!$B$, Delete this formula and type =Pictures.

How to set up a formula to a selected linked picture in Excel

Data Validation - list all images

Finally, the last action is to create a list of images in a cell 'A1' via the Data Validation. So select the cell 'A1' then click on the tab Data => Data Validation, select List, and type in the field Source: ChangingPictures.

List of all pictures from another worksheet
Finally, the result of this tutorial is to display the a picture from another worksheet based on the selection from the drop-down menu.

Display or view pictures from another Excel sheet in the cell adjacent selection from the dropdown menu