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MCM411 mid&final term past paper solved megafile by reference

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Important Question which is frequently Asked in the previous exam

  1. What do u know about occasional radio feature? (3)
  2. What do you know about light temperature? (3)
  3. Give any 2 services which it is possible on tv but not on the radio (3)
  4. Give two characteristics which are required for Kid’s host? (5)
  5. What is light controlling and where it is used ( something like that :-/) (5)
  6. Give details about a Mega event which has been broadcast live (5) 
  7. what is the importance of standard of language and voice quality of TV news (5)
  8. Is there any difference between the outdoor coverage of an authority’s visit and horse and cattle show?
  9. Briefly discuss the Pakistan TV coverage of 1974 Lahore Islamic summit
  10. what do you understand the term globalization?
  11. What characteristics should a person hare to become a good anchorperson?
  12. What do you understand by the term brainstorming is the first step in pre-production of a TV broadcast.
  13. How could bias-ness be a barrier in communication process? Explain with example form daily life.
  14. What is the eligibility criterion in order to get licenses for broadcast and CTV station from PEMRA?What are the support elements camera shots?
  15. What do you understand by cue sheet? 3 marks
  16. What is article 19 of the constitution of Pakistan(1973) all about? 3 marks
  17. Define a situation or a scene of a play where high angle shots are used? 3 marks
  18. How footage enhance the importance of the news? 3 marks
  19. Mention any two services that are given to TV but are not possible on the radio? 3 marks
  20. Differentiate between the talk show and curtain raiser? 5 marks
  21. The script is linked to the medium through which message is carried. Discuss this statement? 5 marks
  22. Which three basic lights are required at the studio of TV station? Discuss in detail. 5 marks
  23. Toughest of all is selection n placement of news on newsreel. Discuss. 5 marks
  24. In your opinion for which medium script writing is more difficult? For TV or radio? 5 marks
  25. There was once a typical heavy looking microphone but now they are so many in types and shapes?
  26. Why TV drama seemed to be a replica of radio drama in its early days?
  27. What kind of dramas will be having high costume budgets?
  28. Whats characteristics should the person have to become a good anchorperson.
  29. What are props? Explain different types of props?
  30. Discuss the main feature of early radio drama?
  31. Discuss angel shots and state the purpose for which the are used?
  32. A produces should keep in mind one political implication of the program since the very first stage of production and why?
  33. What is terrestrial TV broadcast? Explain
  34. In what direction payment are made in second part of budgeting?
  35. Do you think the Indian channels should be banned in Pakistan?
  36. The script always linked with the medium through which a message has to be carried. What do you understand by this statement?
  37. Briefly discuss the sound effect commercials.
  38. Mention any two services that are given on television but are not possible on the radio.
  39. Who in your favorite TV news anchor and why?
  40. What are the qualities requires being a good set designer?
  41. Briefly discuss the Pakistan television converge of 1974 Lahore Islamic summit
  42. What is roadshow which road show do you like the most and why?