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How to Change Your VU Study Program - Complete Guide

How to change your VU Study Program

Dear VU Students! Here we will discuss how to change your study program if you are studying from the Virtual University of Pakistan and somehow you have came to know that you should change your study program then don't worry. we will guide you through this. Keep Reading...

How to change your Study Program Instructions:

Here you can read step by step instructions to change your VU Study Program.

Change Your Study Program Step 1:

First of All, You go to www.lms3.vu.edu.pk and Login with your VULMS ID & Password.

Change Your Study Program Step 2:

Than Login your VU LMS and go to Student Services and Select Study Program Conversion.

Change Your Study Program Step 3:

You will see this image, shown below:

Change Your Study Program VULMS Page Preview
Change Your Study Program VULMS Page Preview

Change Your Study Program Step 4:

Fill in the Form.
Current Degree Program: Bachelors, Associate Degree Program, BS etc .
Current Study Program: for example BSc Computer Science etc.
New Degree Program: for example Associate Degree Program, Bachelor, BS.
New Study Program: for example MIT, BS 4 year etc.
In the End, you write Reason of Study Program: for example Why you want to change Study Program.
Reason Example:

i want to go with computer science and software programming. I had selected Web Design and Development due to some miss guides.As my interest is in computer science and programming and i want to do masters in computer science. so i m selecting it.

Change Your Study Program Step 5:

Your status will be shown Pending so you need to pay the fee.
Study Program Conversion Fee : Rs.2000
Pay the fee voucher and upload this Paid Voucher. 
Your Study Program will be Changed in few days with the confirmation Email. keep an eye on your email till then.

If this tutorial was helpful. Please share with your friends. in case of any query or question, you can ask us in comments below. Sharing is Caring.Thank you.