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ECO406 finalterm solved past paper megafile by reference

A past paper is an examination ECO406 paper from a previous year or previous years, typically utilized either for exam practice or for tests.

Exam candidates find past papers valuable in the test preparation. A few associations in charge of holding exams have made past exam papers economically accessible by either distributed the papers without anyone else or permitting a distributor to do likewise. Previous year question papers are to assess student’s brilliance and capacities. Students who are getting ready for competitive exams for the most part search for ECO406 finalterm past papers. These question papers will help you to have a thought regarding the fundamental exam. Students, for the most part, locate these past papers as private sites reveal more data than the official sites.

A. MCQs Quizzes:
i) A relation is a set of ordered pairs.
ii) What is the range of the following. {(-3,2),(-2,4),(0,5),(3,6)} [ Ans: (2,4,5,6) ]
iii) (x+y)2 ≡ x2 + y2 + 2xy is an example of identity.
iv) y = f(x) = 2x0 is an example of constant because 2 x 1 = 2
v) x7.x-4 will becomes x3.
vi) 2x + 4y = 10, x and y are variables.
vii) 2x + 4y = 10, 2,4 and 10 are constants.
viii) Q = 10 – 2P are ___________ function (increasing, decreasing, explicit, implicit)
ix) Atmospheric temperature is an example of continuous variable.
x) If disposable income is 500 to 1000 and its consumption is 500 to 800, what is the value of S? S = 200 (Lecture No. 4)
xi) Average propensity to consume & save and Marginal propensity to consume MCQ
xii) Slope of equation is ___________.
xiii) Two MCQs about shift of demand curve (factor affecting, factor not affecting).
xiv) I = Ia + eY, Ia is autonomous investment.
xv) I = Ia + eY, eY is induced investment.
xvi) 10xy = 0 is _______ function. (explicit, implicit)

B. Subjective Questions:
i) Define Increasing Function and Decreasing Function with two examples of Economics. (5)
ii) Whether they are explicit or implicit. Six Functions (0.5 x 6 = 3)
iii) Define continuous variable with example and graph.
iv) Find Market equilibrium of Qd=15-2P, Qs=S+P assume P = 1,2,3,4,5
v) Find Equilibrium level of National Income such as C = 30+0.5Y, I = 20

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