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CS508 - Modern Programming Languages help material download

CS508 - Modern Programming Languages help material download

If you are enrolled in the CS101. The subject then this data means for you, Dear user some important data link is given below. There is some adobe reader format type books, software if needed in practice, powerpoint slides and any other data which you need in the study at the Virtual University of Pakistan. which is downloadable and very helpful for carrying educational activities in their educational life.

This tutorial is showing, how to use different tools to write, compile and execute Ada programs.

Tool to write and run LISP language programs.

This video will demonstrate you correct way to get user input in SNOBOL4 program.

Sample program of Facts and Rules in Prolog.

Tutorial for writing Facts and Rules in SWI Prolog.

SWI Prolog: Tool for Prolog programming in Windows 64 bit.

SWI Prolog: Tool for Prolog programming in Windows 32 bit.

GPS (GNAT Programming Studio) for Ada programming.

Programming tool to write, compile, build and execute programs in Ada language.

Tips for Recording Videos

Video Compression through software tool.

TeamViewer 9 Tutorial.

How to run SNOBOL4 on Windows (32bit & 64bit) and on Linux.

How to create a Skype ID for Skype sessions

CS508-Complete Handsout Updated (12-12-2013)

Corrigendum CS508 Handouts

How to run SNOBOL on Ubuntu

Using DOSBOX to execute SNOBOL4 on 64bi Windows


How To Run A Simple SNOBOL Program

SNOBOL Hello World Prgram.


SNOBOL Hello World Prgram.

SNOBOL4 Compiler for DOS

PPT Files-Modern_Programming_Languages-18-21-LISP

PPT Files-Modern_Programming_Languages-40-45-Discussion

PPT Files-Modern_Programming_Languages-38-39-JAVASCRIPT

PPT Files-Modern_Programming_Languages-35-37-PHP

PPT Files-Modern_Programming_Languages-31-34-C#

PPT Files-Modern_Programming_Languages-27-30-JAVA

PPT Files-Modern_Programming_Languages-22-26-PROLOG

PPT Files-Modern_Programming_Languages-13-17-ADA

PPT Files-Modern_Programming_Languages-09-12-SNOBOL

PPT Files-Modern_Programming_Languages-01-08-Intro_and_History

Modern Programming Languages-40-45-Discussion

Modern Programming Languages-39-JavaScript

Modern Programming Languages-38-JavaScript

Modern Programming Languages - 35-37 – PHP

Modern Programming Languages - 27-30 – Java

Modern Programming Languages - 22-26 – Prolog

Modern Programming Languages -18-21 – LISP

Modern Programming Languages - 13-17 – Ada

Modern Programming Languages -01-08 -Intro and History

Research paper for Assignment # 5 "A Survey of Programming Languages and Platforms for Multi-Agent Systems"

Tutorial related to Aspect-Oriented

Research paper with the title: "Some Trends inWeb Application Development"

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