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CS401 Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Programming Assignment #01

Upload Instructions

Please view the assignment submission process document provided to you by the Virtual University to upload the assignment.

Rules for Marking

Please note that your assignment will not be graded if:
·         It is submitted after due date
·         The file you uploaded does not open
·         The file you uploaded is copied from some one else
·         It is in some format other than .doc


The assignment has been designed to enable you:
  • To know about different addressing modes
  • To calculate effective address and physical address
  • To know about the comparisons and conditions
Answer the following questions
a.          Calculate the physical memory address generated by the following segment offset pairs.
i.        74F0:2123
ii.      0000:6727
iii.    FFFF:4336
iv.    AB01:FFFF
v.      0FFF:FFFF
b.          Identify the problems in the following instructions and correct them by replacing them with one or two instruction having the same effect.
i.        mov [02], [ 22]
ii.      mov [wordvar], 20l
iii.    mov bx, al
iv.    mov ax, [si+di+100]
v.      mov  bx,[bs+bp+200]


a. Write a program in assembly language that calculate the factorial of a number where
    factorial is defined as:
Factorial(x) = x*(x-1)*(x-2)*...*1
factorial (0) = 1
b. If AX=8FFF and BX=0FFF and “cmp ax, bx” is executed, which of the following  
    jumps will be taken? Each part is independent of others. Also give the value of Z, S,
    and C flags.
                                                              i.      jg greater
                                                            ii.      jl smaller
                                                          iii.      ja above

                                                          iv.      jb below