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CS001 - VU-Computer Proficiency License help material download

CS001 - VU-Computer Proficiency License help material download

If you are enrolled in the CS001. Subject then this data meaningful for you, Dear user some important data link are given below. There is some adobe reader format type books, software if needed in practice, power point slides and any other data which you need in study at Virtual University of Pakistan. which is downloadable and very helpful for carrying educational activities in their educational life.

  1. CS001 Handouts.pdf
  2. function_keys.jpg
  3. Tips for Recording Videos.mp4
  4. Soft Skill Assignment Video Compression.mp4
  5. cpl_patch.zip
  6. TeamViewer 9 tutorial.mp4
  7. creating skype ID.doc
  8. Drawing Tutorial.wmv
  9. Post Assignments Feedback A4.doc
  10. Post Assignments Feedback A3.doc
  11. Post Assignments Feedback A2.doc
  12. Post Assignments Feedback A1.doc
  13. MDB Guide.doc
  14. Ports.jpg
  15. Front panel of system unit.JPG
  16. system unit.jpg
  17. Assignment-4.xls
  18. How to make and modify student list in MS Excel.doc
  19. Assignment Upload Guide.doc

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