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MTH100 Past Papers for Exam Preparation

MTH100 Past Papers for Exam

Dear Students, Here you can read or Download MTH100 - General Mathematics Collection of Past papers for Exam Preparation. We are here to facilitate your learning and we do not appreciate the idea of copying or replicating solutions. 

  • Write Pythagorean identity (2) marks
  • Find the value of cos(75) by the trigonometric table. 5 marks
  • Find data .. 2 marks
  • Find the standard deviation 6,45,14,18,20,24,28,33,47,55,51.. 5 marks
  • and Do these lines intersect? If they do,find the point of intersection. 3 marks
  • Find the slop of the (4,6)(2,1)

MTH100 Final Term Paper - 2

timing 8:30
  • given the sequence 1500,3000,5400.... find 5th team.
  • any/siny=secy
  • sin2A=2Sin Acos A
  • If multiple of 4 is set of A and B is set of 2 multiples then set A is the subset of B or B is the subset of A???
  • Frequency density find out if width is 5 and frequency is 23
  • geometric sequence find out 
  • Mostly Questions from the end course...
  • 40 mcqz...

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