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Download the WordPress.com Essential Training Tutorial

Learn how to create your own blog or website with the free WordPress.com service that lets you publish on the web. In this tutorial, Ms. Carrie Dils shows you how to create an account on WordPress.com, how to personalize your profile, and how to post your posts there. You'll also learn how to add images, videos, and links to posts, enable sharing on social networks, and provide mobile browsing capabilities, and the appearance of your site with the help of themes. And widgets. Depending on his 15-year experience, Ms. Dils will help you attract visitors and customers for their website and also explain how to move to a separate and independent web site.

Other Description: Lynda.com is a renowned online education company that has produced and provided thousands of training courses in software, creativity, and business skills. The company has been in the field of helping students, managers, and computer enthusiasts for over 20 years and has been using professional instructors to record training.

WordPress.com Essential Training Center

Video Tutorial Features for WordPress.com Essential Training:

- Genre: Educational

- Manufacturer: Lynda

- Teacher: Carrie Dils

- Workout file: has

- Duration of training: 2 hours and 24 minutes

- Date of construction: 6/3/2016

- Course level: Elementary

- English language

- View quality: 1280x720

- File format: Mp4

- English subtitle: no

- Subtitle Persian: No

WordPress.com Essential Training

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