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WordPress Plugins Analytics introduces one of the most popular and most popular content management systems in the world, WordPress . WordPress has been able to attract users by virtue of being open source and expanding as required by the user. WordPress software has a unique position because of its two main features, one that makes it easy to work with, and the optimal structure for search engines or so-called high-end users. Other features of WordPress can be Pointed out to the following:
1-Discretion and therefore users with a little familiarity with the code can modify it for their use. Very user-friendly threads allow developers and virtual worlds to design any arbitrary system based on WordPress . .
2-Extremely Diversified Templates The other thing about WordPress is that this variety has made for any kind of custom work and style custom. Thanks to the flexibility of this system, it is designed very beautifully designed templates or there are many designers who can design the template for this system.
3. Plugins or plugins are software packages that add specific features to the system, such as plug-ins for sharing content on social networks or building the store, due to the open source of many commercial plugins, each one There are special features for WordPress to complete. In this regard, Linda Lynda has dropped out to you through the WordPress Plugins Analytics tutorial for familiarizing and working with this popular content management system. You can video tutorial WordPress Plugins: Analytics powerful servers download Persian downloaded.

Screenshots of the WordPress Plugins Tutorial: Analytics:


Topics in this course include:

- Install and activate plugins

- Configuration settings

- Connecting to a Google Analytics account

- Set up Piwik on your server

- View statistics

Other explanations:

Genre: Educational

Training time: 1 hour and 9 minutes

Release Date: May 28, 2014

Software Required: WordPress

Training level: Beginner

Display quality: 720p

Source: Lyda

Download WordPress WordPress Plugins Analytics WordPress with direct link from Persian Download

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