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Download Visual Studio 2013 Video Tutorial

Visual Studio 2013 Video Tutorial is one of the most comprehensive tutorials for getting to know and working with this software developed by MSDN for beginners to advanced. This educational video begins with a brief introduction to the Visual Studio software, and continues to be familiar with the 2013 version of this popular software. Bob Tabor, Visual Studio Tutor Tutor 2013, continues to feature this version versus the previous version Expresses himself and then deals with teaching about it. Your loved ones in this tutorial can get to know all the different parts of this software and how they communicate with each other so you can easily use this software.

Screenshots of the Visual Studio 2013 Video Tutorial

VBFundamentalsForAbsoluteBeginnersM02_high.mp4_thumbs_ [2014.09.23_04.29.03]

Topics in this course:

- Series Introduction
- Install Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop
- Creating Your First Visual Basic Program
- Dissecting the First Visual Basic Program You Created
- Quick Overview of the Visual Basic Express Edition IDE
- Declaring Variables and Assigning Values
- Branching with the If..Then..Else Decision Statement
- Operator, Expressions and Statements
- For..Next Iterations
- Creating Arrays of Values
- Creating and Calling Simple Overloaded Helper Methods
- While Iterations and Reading Data from a Text File
- Working with Strings
- Working with Dates
- Understanding and Creating Classes
- More about Classes and Methods
- Working with Classes and Inheritances in the .NET Framework Class Library
- Understanding Namespaces and Adding References to Assemblies
- Understanding Modules, Scope and Utilizing Accessibility Modifiers
- Enumerations and the switch Decision Statement
- Gracefully Handling Exceptions
- Working with Collections
- Filtering and Managing Data in Collections using LINQ
- Understanding Event Driven Programming
- Getting Familiar with the My Namespace
- Where To Go From Here

Other Specifications:

- Genre: Educational

- Required software: Visual Studio 2013

- Product of the company: MSDN

- Teacher: Bob Tabor

- Training time: more than 8 hours

- Exercise project: no

- Release Date: February 26, 2014

- Language Film: English

- View quality: 720p

- File format: mp4

- Subtitle Persian: Coming Soon

Download Visual Studio Express 2013 video tutorial for free with direct link from Persian download

File Password: - https://goo.gl/ogMwpS