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Download Visual Studio 2012 Essential Training Tutorial

In today's world, computers and the internet with countless software and websites play a key role in our lives. There are several programming languages ​​and software for building software or designing a web site. One of the software is very powerful and popular Visual Studio (Visual Studio) is. This software comes with a complete yet easy but powerful yet powerful tool for building a software or designing a personal website. Visual Studio because of support Programming languages ​​such as C #, Visual Basic, ASP.NET, and many more are one of the most popular and most popular software development software or web design. This software is a powerful tool for developers of Microsoft. The Visual Studio video tutorial helps you learn how to use this software to create and design a software or website for you. You can get this educational video from powerful Persian download servers.

Screenshots of the Visual Studio 2012 Video Tutorial:

Visual Studio 2012 Essential Training

The main topics of this training course include:

- Create a project in Visual Studio 2012

- Familiarity with a variety of projects

- Work with toolbox and properties window

- Create interface between the user and the editors

- Explore programming tools at meetings to raise your level of knowledge

- Browse and format your code

- Expression of work by combining complex Ul

- Debug code

Genre: Educational

Duration of training: 7 hours and 13 minutes

Display date: 2013 / may / 30

Software Requirements: Visual Studio 2012

Educational level: Beginner

Display quality: 480p

Format: mov

Source: lynda

Download Visual Studio 2012 tutorial with direct link from Persian download

File Password: - https://goo.gl/ogMwpS