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Download Video Tutorials Learn How to Make iPhone android 2D Games without coding

Learn about how to make android 2D Games without coding is a video tutorial on how to build games for Android and iPhone without programming, designed and developed by Udemy for enthusiasts and industry enthusiasts. In this tutorial, I've tried to get you started with how to do this. Ron Gonzalez, who teaches the iDroid 2D Games without coding , begins with an introduction to this course, and continues with ideas such as how to design and build a mobile game from start to finish How to build two-dimensional games, how to port games for the iPhone - Android - HTML5 - Windows and Flash and many more will get familiar with them so you can use them. Video School Learn how to make iPhone android 2D Games without coding to help you build mobile games and you can use it as a full period.

Learn how to make iPhone android 2D Games without coding
Learn how to make iPhone android 2D Games without coding

Topics in this course:

01: Become Familiar with Fusion

- Work Environment and Getting Familiar with ClickTem Fusion
- Collisions and Events
- Platform and Levels
- Platform example

02: Learning the software

- Menus and Windows
- Application Properties
- Frame Properties
- Object Properties
- Background Properties (Backdrops)
- Bakcground Properties (Quick Backdrops)

03: Movement Types

- Static Objects
- Bouncing Ball Object
- Path Object
- Eight Direction Movement
- Race Car movement
- Platform Movement

04: Using Physics Movements

- 8 Direction Movement
- Axial Movement
- Platform Movement
- Race Car Movement
- Spring Object
- Static Object

05: Physics Objects

- Fan Object
- Physics Joints
- Magnet Object
- Particle Object
- Physics Rope
- Physics Treadmill / Ground

06: Frequently Used Items

- Working with text
- Working with counters
- Score and lives
- Qualifiers (Hidden object game)
- Interface Objects

07: Graphics and Animation

- Working with Animation

08: Music and Sound

- Sound and Music

09: Exporting Games

- Exporting to Android (setup)
- Exporting to android (installing Android SDK / Java JDK)
- Exporting to Android (Google Keystore / google playstore)
- Exporting to FLASH
- Exporting to HTML5
- Exporting to iOS

10: building a game

- Let's make a flappy bird clone
- Let's make a flappy bird clone (part 2)
- Let's make a doodle jump clone

11: Course Overview

- Good Luck!

Other Specifications Learn How to Make iPhone android 2D Games without coding:

- Genre: Educational

- Manufacturer: Udemy

- Teacher: Ron Gonzalez

- Training time: 7 hours

- Exercise project

- English language

- View quality: 720 * 1280

- File format: mp4

- Subtitle Persian: No

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File Password: - https://goo.gl/ogMwpS