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Download Unity Mobile Game Development Level Design

The Unity Mobile Game Development Level Design is the fifteenth part of the Mobile Entertainment Unity series, developed by Digital Tutors . In this video tutorial you will learn about its level design and style. Joshua Kinney, Tutor of Unity Mobile Game Development Level Design , How and how to set the level of a game and add details. It will make the game more interesting and exciting for the game. In the following, you learn how to get to the center of a game, and then learn how to modify it or change it, and you can see how you put this detail into your desired result. You can end the tutorial with the things you learn, change the level of the game, and increase its quality. This training series helps you to practice the video while you watch the movie because it has training projects so that your learning time is shorter.

Pictures of Unity Mobile Game Development Level Design


Topics in this course:

01. Introduction and project overview
02. Project file organization
03. Optimizing game materials
04. Applying optimized materials
05. Finish applying the optimized materials
06. Assembling the level
07. Inspecting the base level
08. Set dressing the tunnel system
09. Adding more details through set dressing
10. Finishing the tunnel system
11. Inspecting the tunnel system
12. Set dressing the subway platform area
13. Adding more detail to the platform area
14. Refining the platform area
15. Making final tweaks to the level design

Other Video Tutorial:

- Genre: Educational

- Manufacturer: Digital Tutors

- Teacher: Joshua Kinney

- Duration of training: 2 hours and 49 minutes

- Training project:

- Series: 15 of 21

- English language

- Playback quality: 720p

- File format: flv

- Subtitle Persian: No

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