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Download Unity Mobile Game Development User Interface Design

Unity Mobile Game Development is the eighth part of the Unity-based mobile game development tutorial series developed by Digital Tutors. This tutorial will tell you about the graphic design of an application for the game, as well as how to prepare this graphic in Unity. Eddie Russell, professor of film learning Unity Mobile Game Development User Interface Design, you need to play the Graphic User Interface And how to set up and create a document in Photoshop. In the following, you will be familiar with some of the strategies for creating graphics and examining some of the problems. This tutorial, which follows in its previous sections, can help you build mobile games, and you'll be fully familiar with these topics so you can achieve the desired result in less time. This training series, with training programs, allows you to practice exercises along with this tutorial.

Unity Mobile Game Development User Interface Design


Topics in this course:

01. Introduction and project overview
02. Getting started with the user interface design
03. Strategies for building user interface graphics
04. Building multiple states of one graphic
05. Breaking up and building the weapon switch graphic
06. Creating the main menu graphics
07. Cropping and saving user interface graphics
08. Creating user interface graphics with transparency for Unity
09. Modifying the transparency of the workflow for objects with varying opacities
10. Modifying our workflow for special instances

Other specifications of this educational film:

- Genre: Educational

- Software Required: Unity

- Product of the company: Digital Tutors

- Teacher: Eddie Russell

- Training time: 1 hour and 41 minutes

- Training project:

- Film language: English

- View quality: 720p

- Broadcast format: flv

- Subtitle Persian: Coming Soon

Download Unity Mobile Game Development User Interface Design for free and direct link from Persian Downloads

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