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Download Unity Mobile Game Development Enemy AI and Waypoints

Unity Mobile Game Development Enemy AI and Waypoints is the eighteenth part of Unity's Unix development training series developed by Digital Tutors Inc.. In this video tutorial you will learn how to design and set up stations and barriers between the main characters and the sights. Chris Glick, tutor of Unity Mobile Game Development Enemy AI and Waypoints , introducing her work The tools that are needed for this topic will start and will continue to describe how they will be used for this topic. He will also talk about how to create a basic AI for enemies, a profile of a good system for developers, a waypoint, and a way of routing characters to attack each other to familiarize you with these topics and methods. You can also use the training project in this tutorial to do all the work in practice.

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Topics in this course:

01. Introduction and project overview
02. Mapping the problem of entities moving around our level
03. Waypoint ideas, concepts and our implementation
04. Creating an initial Waypoint Prefab and setting it up
05. Filtering nearby objects to other pointpoints with a layer mask
06. Coding a variable distance with a while loop
07. Building in line-of-sight with layer masks
08. Relaying information to neighbors without infinite loops
09. Initializing a Generic A list of waypoints to get to the player
10. Creating an initialize function and removing the countdown
11. Using conditionals to check if we want to update the list
12. Creating a controller script that gathers all the waypoints
13. Locating the closest waypoint to any point in space
14. Coding a function to return a random waypoint
15. Using a While True Yield Loop to update every few seconds
16. Creating a Spawner script to create new enemies
17. Using a Spawn Controller to randomly spawn enemies
18. Controlling the number of enemies spawned
19. Creating a basic enemy script to use our waypoints
20. Moving with the Smooth Damp method
21. Deciding when to go to the next waypoint1
22. Using Rotate Towards and Rotate Rotation to rotate the enemy
23. Refactoring our code into a new function
24. Updating the Player Location list so the enemies do not stop
25. Refactoring into an infinite loop function to update waypoints
26. Creating a Basic Finite State Machine to run our enemy AI
27. Using a Switch statement to run the code based on the enemy state
28. Creating a function to check for transitions
29. Adding a distance check before the enemy starts following
30. Transforming the enemy forward in the start state
31. Importing our final geometry and splitting animations
32. Updating our enemy prefab with the new geometry
33. Changing our animation animation in code with animation play
34. Coding an attack decision into our transition function
35. Telling our Spawn Controller when an enemy has died
36. Changing our movement speed based on the current state
37. Refactoring our code to be more readable and user friendly
38. Playtesting our enemy AI and hunting down bugs
39. Using random values ​​to create more realistic movement
40. Adding a collider to our prefab for hit testing
41. Testing if we have been attacked or hit
42. Coding for other notifications to work in our game
43. Stopping animations from playing while paused
44. Stopping the logic from running when the game is over

Other Video Tutorial:

- Genre: Educational

- Manufacturer: Digital Tutors

- Tutor: Chris Glick

- The duration of the educational video: 6 hours and 24 minutes

- Training project:

- Series: 18 of 21

- English language

- View quality: 720p

- File format: flv

- Persian subtitle: no

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