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Download TeamTreeHouse Testing in Android

TeamTreeHouse Testing in Android is a video tutorial on Android operating systems and software releases for this popular operating system built by TeamTreeHouse, a reputable and powerful company that has been featured in this popular operating system. Android operating system is an open operating system and is distributed by many different users every day for many software applications, which make this firmware progress, but a number of other software versions There are malware known to them, and their purpose is to create problems in your operating system and in some cases to infiltrate your privacy. Now in this tutorial , taught by Ben Deitc, you will learn how it was before Test them with the software and find out about their problems. TeamTreeHouse Testing in Android is one of the best and most comprehensive training videos on Android OS and security.

Topics in this course:

Mocking with Mockito
Explore deeper, answer questions
View provider
Introducing Robolectric
Test with Robolectric
Shadows and Concepts
UI Test with Espresso
Introducing Espresso
The first UI test
Test with Spinner

Download TeamTreeHouse Testing in Android

TeamTreeHouse Testing in Android features:

- Genre: Educational

- Manufacturer: TeamTreeHouse

- Teacher: Ben Deitc

- Duration of training: 2 hours

- Training project: no

- English language

- View quality: 720 * 1280

- File format: Mp4

- English subtitle: no

- Subtitle Persian: No

File Password: - https://goo.gl/ogMwpS