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Download SEO Tutorial for Web Designers With Tutsplus

The definitive disconnection of all people who deal with the design of the website and the Internet are familiar with the word "SEO". The word is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, which is known as Search Engine Optimization. In the same vein, the Tutplus film company has been developing and teaching films about important and practical ways of SEO. You can now download this educational video for free from the Persian Download site.

Business on the Internet is one of the most important ways of making money in today's world. Whatever your website has a higher ranking and more visitors, you will be able to get more revenue and closer to your site's goal. Generally, the sites that have the highest rank and the highest number of occurrences on the search engine results page will gain more visitors through search engines. Webmasters are one of the key factors in gaining new users from search engines, especially Google. There are many SEOs and SEOs around the world that can skilfully crawl your website and register on Google. In this tutorial you will learn all the techniques and techniques of the SEO fan. This tutorial is developed by Tutplus, which is appended to the training files and is available for download to you by the Persian Download Center for the first time.

Screenshots of the SEO Video Tutorial for Web Designers With Tutsplus :


Heads of SEO Videos for Web Designers With Tutsplus :

Welcome 4m 39s
Introduction 43s
What is SEO? 3m 56s
Keyword Research 43m 26s
Keyword Research Basics 9m 28s
Google Adwords for Keyword Research 15m 50s
Digging deeper 13m 6s
Getting Organized 5m 2s
Implementing Keywords 23m 36s
Page Titles and Descriptions 9m 38s
Page Text 5m 24s
Optimizing Images 3m 6s
Video 2m 4s
SEO-Friendly URLs 3m 24s
Other SEO Techniques 1h 21m 6s
XML Sitemaps 8m 30s
Robots Files and Tags 7m 42s
Linking to New Pages 5m 20s
Duplicate Content 7m 8s
Pagination 5m 8s
Structured Data 18m 44s
Authorship Information 8m 6s
Local SEO 7m 36s
Social Snippets 7m 28s
Twitter Cards 5m 24s
Conclusion 49s
Final Thoughts

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