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Download SEO Training for WordPress Websites

SEO Training for WordPress Website is an SEO tutorial for WordPress websites that has been produced and published by Udemy Company to provide enthusiasts. WordPress is a panel for website owners that can easily update their web site and share their content on the World Wide Web, as well as introduce their website to powerful search engines such as Google and Yahoo. They do. Ben Laing, a lecturer in SEO Training for WordPress Website , has tried to train all WordPress related topics in a simple, step-by-step course. In the film of SEO Training for WordPress Website on topics such as Introduction to WordPress, familiar with the search, set up a website in WordPress, keywords, practice SEO, Google Analytics, Optimization posts, the posts, interact with readers, Poll And ... are addressed.

SEO Training for WordPress Websites
SEO Training for WordPress Websites

Topics in this course:

01. Introduction to WordPress SEO Development 101

- Intro
- Why a wordpress website needs SEO & WordPress SEO Development for Small Business
- A basic overview of SEO WordPress Website Design Development & Tips for Beginners
- WordPress plugins needed that are important for SEO when Developing your Website

02. WordPress Website Setup & Development

- Setting up a WordPress Website and DNS forwarding in this WordPress SEO Course
- How to add a domain name to your hosting account for your WordPress Website SEO
- How to install a WordPress Website Important Training Before SEO Optimization
- How to Install a WordPress Theme & The Importance of Premium WordPress Themes in SEO
- How to download a WordPress plugin with this WordPress Development Design Course
- How to install a WordPress Plugin in this WordPress Development Design Course
- How to optimize your WordPress Permalinks is very important for Website SEO

03. Keyword Research

- Keyword Research Basics when starting SEO in WordPress Website Development
- A Case Study of Keyword Research follow this Simple WordPress SEO Training Course
- Keyword & Competition Research Continued

04. On-page SEO

- Overview of optimizing posts for maximum SEO affects with a WordPress Website
- All in one SEO Plugin Config Important Plugin for your WordPress Website
- Post Title Creation for WordPress Websites
- Header Tags Importance in WordPress Website Development SEO for WordPress Sites
- When to use bold Italics and underlining in SEO with WordPress Development 101
- The importance of great content to boost your SEO naturaly in WordPress Websites
- Title Tag Creation For blogs in any WordPress Site and how important it's for SEO
- How to use the SEO Friendly Images Plugin to boost SEO in WordPress Websites
- Yet Another Related Post Plugin Training in this WordPress Website SEO Course
- The Importance Of No Follow Links in SEO when building a WordPress Website
- XML ​​Sitemaps, the corner stone of WordPress Website Development & SEO a must-see for it
- Customize redirects using the Redirection plugin and an essential WordPress plugin

05. Engagement and Activity for SEO Training

- Why is it important to engage with your readers, this is very important in SEO
- Poll creation with wp polls
- Lets Discuss DISQUS and how it will help SEO in your WordPress Development Site
- How to set DISQUS in your WordPress Website, a great tool for Small Business
- Integrating social media with your blog for SEO in WordPress Websites Training
- What are RSS Feeds and how to use them with your WordPress Website SEO Course
- How to find your RSS feed and replace it with feedburner in your WordPress Site

06. Google Analytics

- Google Analytics SEO
- How to set up Google Analytics, Training for your SEO WordPress Website in 2015

07. Conclusion

- Conclusion - your WordPress Website is fully SEO Optimised, now reap the rewards
- Thank you

08. Bonus Material

- SEO for Your Business Talk by Ben Laing

Other Specifications SEO Training for WordPress Websites :

- Genre: Educational

- Manufacturer: Udemy

- Teacher: Ben Laing

- Training time: more than 4 hours

- Training project: no

- Release date: 2015

- English language

- View quality: 720 * 1280

- File format: mp4

- Subtitle Persian: No

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