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Download Ruby Programming Video Training

Ruby Programming Video Training is a Ruby programming language tutorial developed and published by InfiniteSkills Company. In this tutorial, author and expert Mike McMillan describe the principles of this programming language for you. Ruby's programming language is one of the most powerful programming languages ​​due to Perl-based and object-oriented rather than Python design, and has been able to gain popularity through its simplicity. Have programmers and their satisfaction. In the Ruby Programming Video Training tutorial, Mike shows you the main functions and features of the Ruby programming language and how to use them and put them together to build a powerful application. In this tutorial, Mike starts the program by installing this programming language on two Mac and Windows operating systems, and will teach you the easy way to work with this language. This tutorial is such that beginners can use it without having a background in programming programming languages. Mike discusses and teaches some topics, such as working with data and variables, operators and terminology, decision making, loop, methodologies, and object-oriented programming, and introduces you to this tutorial.

Screenshots of the Ruby Programming Video Training:


Topics in this course:

00. Free Videos From This Course
01. Introduction
02. Getting Started With Ruby
03. Data And Variables
04. Operator And Expressions
05. Decisions
06. Repetition
07. Methods
08. Classes And Objects
09. Inheritance
10. Modules
11. Exception Handling
12. Input And Output
13. Debugging Ruby
14. GUI Programming In Ruby
15. Wrap-Up

Ruby Programming Video Training Features:

- Genre: Educational

- Manufacturer: InfiniteSkills

- Teacher: Mike McMillan

- Release date: 04.14.2013

- Language Film: English

- Training time: 5 hours

- Persian subtitle: Coming soon

- Required software: Ruby

- View quality: 720p

- Display format: mp4

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