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Download Pluralsight Useful jQuery Plugins

Pluralsight Useful jQuery Plugins will teach you how to add jQuery plugins to web pages with the least code you need, and will allow you to take a lot of experience in this section with a little time. This educational video is not just about creating plugins, but also how they are used on websites and makes you familiar with it. You will learn what the features of a good plugin are and Whether it comes to your work on your website or not, and in the end, you'll learn how to add it to your website. This training course includes training files that you can use and enhance your learning.
Discover jQuery plugins that add rich client functionality to web pages with very little code
Learn about many jQuery plugins that will allow you to greatly enhance user experience with very little effort. This course does not focus on creating plugins, but rather many popular ones to use for your web site. This is where you can find good plugins, how to decide which ones to use, and how to add them to your website without ruining your page performance.
Pluralsight Useful jQuery Plugins:
Pluralsight Useful jQuery Plugins
Pluralsight Useful jQuery Plugins
[KGVID width = "640" height = "360"] http://dl4.download.ir/Download/2014/March/Movie/TV/Pluralsight-Useful-jQuery-Plugins.www.download.ir.mp4 [/ CFCs]
This course includes the following topics:
01. Introduction
02. Image Plugins
03. Forms Plugins
04. Social Plugins
05. Other Plugins
06. Miscellaneous
Exercise Files
Genre: Educational
Time: 186 minutes
Display format: mp4
elementary level
English language
Source: pluralsight

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