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Download PHP Training with MySQL Essential Training From Lynda

Internet websites are expanding every day and their goal is to attract more audiences. Due to the increasing number of Internet sites on the Internet, other html did not meet the needs of webmasters, and hence the languages ​​were expanded to serve the design and management of the site. One of these languages ​​is the well-known and popular php programming language, which Linda has also been developing and playing on the educational language of the language. The features of this scripting language can be incorporated into HTML. Made The language was presented in 1994, after which a lot of changes have been made to date, the 5th edition of which has been developed by its team. The Farsi Download site now provides the audience with a powerful language tutorial devised by Linda's leading filmmaking company.

Photos from PHP Training with MySQL Essential Training From Lynda :

PHP with MySQL Essential Training From Lynda

Headlines of PHP Training with MySQL Essential Training From Lynda :

01- Introduction
02- PHP Overview
03- Mac Installation
04- Windows Installation
05- First Steps
06- Exploring Data Types
07- Control Structures - Logical Expressions
08- Control Structures - Loops
09- User-Defined Functions
10- Debugging
11- Building Web Pages with PHP
12- Working with Forms and Form Data
13- Working with Cookies and Sessions
14- MySQL Basics
15- Using PHP to Access MySQL
16- Building a Content Management System (CMS)
17- Using Site Navigation to Choose Content
18- Application CRUD
19- Building the Public Area
20- Regulate Page Access
21- Conclusion

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