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Download the Online Store and Sell Online

Build Online Store and Sell Products Online is a video tutorial for creating online stores and selling online products that are available to anyone interested in doing business. Udemy, who is the creator of this course, is trying to get you acquainted with all the angles of this work. Nowadays, despite the Internet, its expansion and enrichment, many people are looking to buy their own devices in this space, because in this way you can see and check out the most products with less time. Teachers at Build Online Store and Sell Products Online will first introduce you to the introduction to this topic to some extent, and then you will learn concepts such as familiarizing yourself with building a website for online shopping from the beginning and understanding its functions, how to arrange it Online products based on trusted vendors, how to build a website for buying, selling and ordering from start to finish, how to captivate a website, and more, so you can create these businesses using the courseware. The Online Store and Sell Online Online Video Tutorial is one of the best courses for getting to know about building, launching, and doing business online stores.

Build Online Store and Sell Products Online
Build Online Store and Sell Products Online

Topics in this course:

01: Building a Online Shopping Website From Scratch & Understanding Its Functions

- Introduction of the Course
- Register a Domain Name
- Register a Hosting Server
- Connecting the Domain and Hosting server to each other
- Downloading Script
- Uploading Script on Server
- Creating Database and Inserting Users
- Installation of Script on Server
- Dashboard Ovreview
- Insert - Delete - Rename Categories & Sub Categories
- Adding Products on Website
- Filling Informations
- Change the Title
- Work on Banner
- Removing Side category from Single Page
- Working on Logo and Icon
- Location setting
- Making Product Featured
- Featured Image Size
- Sending Newsletterss
- Work on Currencies
- Submitting Reviews
- Enable Disable Review Option
- Adjusting Image Size
- Guest Checkout Option
- Payment Option Setup
- Creating Coupons Codes
- Removing of Numbers Inside Subcategories
- Inserting Coutries Names
- Putting the Website Under Maintenance Mode
- Change the Stock Availablity Option
- Shipping Method
- How Many Times Product Viewed
- Product Sales Report
- Selling Digital Products online

02: Ordering Products From Trusted Online Vendors

- Intro of the chapter
- Overview of Vendor website
- Joining the Vendor Site
- Product Overview

03: Building a Complete Website for A to Z and Dealing with the Order

- Chapter Ovreview
- Designing Logo and Uploading is an Online Shopping Website
- Start Over with Category
- Inserting Products That You Want To Sell On Your Online Site Projects
- Products is an Online Shopping Website
- Uploading the banner of the products
- Dealing with the Order

04: Give Awesome Look to Your Website

- Giving Awesome Look to Your Website

Other Features of the Build Online Store and Sell Products Online:

- Genre: Educational

- Manufacturer: Udemy

- Teacher: Several Teachers

- Duration of training: 4 hours

- Exercise project: no

- English language

- Display quality: 720 * 1212

- File format: mp4

- Subtitle Persian: No

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