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Download the Mobile App Design from Scratch Design Principles and UX

The Mobile App Design from Scratch Design Principles and UX is a tutorial on the design of mobile applications developed by Udemy and is available to interested users. The tutor of this course, Maxime Cormier, is going to show you how to design a professional program for mobile and various operating systems. With 30 minutes during the day can take part in two weeks of training to completion and use your creative ideas into practice. In the video tutorial Mobile App Design from Scratch Design Principles and UX on topics such as research, design, drawing Visual Concept, redesign plans already made, visual concept, design, and so is the main page content.


Topics in this course:

01. User Experience Research and Design
02. Outlining Visual Concept
03. Designing the First Version
04. Redesigning Our App
05. Creating a Style Guide

Topics discussed in this course:

01. Getting ready

- Prerequisites: download the course files + have a mac
- Introduction
- How this course works
- UX and UI
- Sketch vs. Photoshop

02. UX Research

- What problem are you solving?
- Who are your users?
- Finding the right solution
- Storytelling design

03. Mockups

- Mockups 1/2
- Mockups 2/2

04. Visual concept

- Inspiration
- Typography
- Color picker
- Color theory 1/2 - Meanings of colors
- Color theory 2/2 - Color harmony

05. Designing the first version of our app

- Sketch tour
- Designing the navigation
- Preview on device
- Using existing icons
- Creating our own icons
- Designing the Home content
- Designing the Camera flow

06. Redesigning our app

- Redesigning the Navigation
- Redesigning the Home content
- Redesigning the Camera flow

07. Getting your app out of the builiding

- Styleguide and exporting
- Designing the icon of the app
- Showcasing your designs
- Conclusion

Other specifications of Mobile App Design from Scratch Design Principles and UX :

- Genre: Educational

- Manufacturer: Udemy

- Teacher: Maxime Cormier

- Training time: more than 7 hours

- Exercise project: no

- Release Date: 10-02-2015

- English language

- Display quality: 720 * 1152

- File format: mp4

- Subtitle Persian: No

File Password: - https://goo.gl/ogMwpS