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Download Microsoft .NET Debugging Power Tools

Microsoft .NET Debugging Power Tools, Video Tutorials A powerful debugging tool for .pl. From Pluralsight Inc., which is designed for you who are interested in this programming software . In this tutorial, you will get acquainted with these tools and how to use them on Microsoft .NET to help you easily get rid of them. Mario Hewardt , a Microsoft .NET Debugging Power Tools tutor, introduced the introduction to topics like sample diagnostic tools, V2 debug detection, familiarity with the new DebugDiag V2 features, how to install and run DebugDiag V2 , Implementation of the DebugDiag interface , custom code writing , and more will familiarize you with these concepts. Video training is one of the most complete Microsoft .NET Debugging Power Tools training capabilities of this software is that you better and easier to use than it will help.

Microsoft .NET Debugging Power Tools

Topics in this course:

01. Visual Studio 2013 Diagnostics for .NET

- Introduction
- Diagnostics Hub and Demo
- Enhanced Dump Analysis and Demo
- 64bit Edit and Continue and Demo
- Return Value Inspection and Demo
- Async Debugging and Demo
- Summary

02.NET 4.5 (.x) Garbage Collection

- Introduction
- Background GC
- SustainedLowLatency
- x64 Large Object Support
- Large Object Heap - Free Lists
- Large Object Heap - Balancing
- Large Object Heap - Compaction
- SOS DumpHeap Switches
- Summary

03. Developing Custom Diagnostic Tools using .NET

- Introduction
- Sample Diagnostic Tool Requirements
- Step 1 - Adding CLRMD
- CLRMD Object Model
- Step 2 - Attaching to the Process
- Step 3 - Enumerating the Managed Heap
- Using the Large Object Heap Monitor
- Summary

04. Debug Diagnostics V2

- Introduction
- New Features of DebugDiag V2
- Installing and Running DebugDiag V2
- Dump Generation Based on Exception Message
- 1st Chance Exception Logging and Exception Rates
- Custom Rule Development in .NET
- Implementing the DebugDiag Interfaces
- Writing the Custom Code
- Install and Test the Custom Rule
- Summary

Other Specifications for Microsoft .NET Debugging Power Tools:

- Genre: Educational

- Manufacturer: Pluralsight

- Teacher: Mario Hewardt

- Training time: 1 hour and 59 minutes

- Training project:

- Software Requirements: Microsoft .NET

- Release Date: 05-10-2015

- English language

- Display quality: 768 * 1024

- File format: mp4

- Subtitle Persian: No

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