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Download Learning Flash Creating Mobile Apps With HTML5

Creating Mobile Apps With HTML5 is a mobile application developed with HTML5 developed by Infinite Skill and is available to interested parties in this tutorial . In this tutorial, you will learn the basics of designing and developing such mobile apps, but this course is for those who have basic familiarity with HTML and CSS to better understand the lessons of this course. Have gotten Jason Gonzales, lecturer Flame of Creating Mobile Apps With HTML5, this tutorial will show you the process of creating a mobile application with HTML5 training from beginning to end. He starts his work by stating how to create a template and a cover, and continues to talk about topics like building a program, creating lists, adding items and many details, and more so you can get acquainted with your loved ones with these techniques. .

Screenshots of the educational footage Creating Mobile Apps With HTML5

Infinite.Skill.Creating.Mobile.Apps.With.HTML5.www.Download.ir Topics in this course:

  • 01. Getting Started

- What You Will Learn
- About The Author
- What You Need To Know
- Native Apps Versus HTML5 Apps
- Required Software And A Primer On Using A Terminal And Command Prompt
- Installing Node.js for Mac OSX
- Installing Windows Node.js
- Super Quick Setup With Yeoman And Bower
- How To Access Your Working Files

  • 02. Introduction To The Project App

- Making A Wireframe
- HTML5 Features

  • 03. Constructing A Skeleton App

- How To Work With The Code Samples
- Making The List
- Adding New Items - Part 1
- Adding New Items - Part 2
- Adding Details
- Toggle Views - Part 1
- Toggle Views - Part 2
- Cleaning Up The Layout

  • 04. Using LocalStorage

- Introduction to LocalStorage and Testing for Support with Modernizr
- Making Data Fixtures In The Browser Console
- Getting Data In And Out Of LocalStorage

  • 05. Using Handlebars To Make Templates

- Setting Up the Handlebars
- Simple Implementation
- Rendering Data From Localstorage With Handlebars

  • 06. The Detail View

- Switching To The Detail View
- Getting The Right Data To The Detail View
- Navigating Back To The List View

  • 07. The Add Item And Edit Views

- Adding Items
- Editing Items
- No Entry Cases

  • 08. Camera

- Testing For Support With Modernizr
- Accessing the Camera
- Getting And Saving The Image
- Viewing and Editing an Image

  • 09. Detecting Network Status

- Introduction To Network Status
- Detecting And Displaying Network Status

  • 10. Geolocation

- Introduction To Geolocation
- Adding Geolocation To A New Entry
- Saving the Geolocation Data
- Displaying Geolocation In Other Views

  • 11. Speech Recognition

- A Basic Implementation of Speech Recognition

  • 12. Further Resources

- Other HTML5 APIs And Resources

  • 13. Conclusion

- Wrap Up

Other specifications of this educational film:

- Genre: Educational

- Manufacturer: Infinite Skill

- Teacher: Jason Gonzales

- Duration of training: 2 hours and 8 minutes

- Training project:

- English language

- Release Date: 2014/06/20

- View quality: 720p

- File format: mp4

- Subtitle Persian: No

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