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Download the Learn To Create Mobile Apps that Use iBeacons

Learn how to create mobile apps that use iBeacons to build iBeacons mobile apps. iBeacons has recently become one of the most important new tools in the field of marketing. This video tutorial shows how to combine iBeacons with a mobile user to display information such as product information, present coupon, and help them find the route. This tutorial is also very useful for people who do not have any programming skills or programming skills.

If you are a mobile website designer, this course is ideal for you. It is also very helpful for marketers and shop designers who are looking for ways to use iBeacons in profitability and business. In the video tutorial Learn to Create Mobile Apps that Use iBeacons'll learn how to test your own Beacons. You even learn how to buy a beacon for customers. How to understand the difference Beacons in the market is another feature that you will learn in this educational video. At the end of the course, you will be able to design a complete mobile application with iBeacon, such as the shopping cart function, scan barcode, and GPS storage if you want to impress your customers with the latest and greatest technologies. This is your special course.

Categorizing topics in Learn to Create Mobile Apps that use iBeacons:

Section 1: Introduction to iBeacons

- Topic 1: Introduction to iBeacons and Course Review

- Topic 2: How iBeacons works

- Topic 3: Available iBeacons

- Topic 4: Simple demo

- Topic 5: Create virtual beacons using Estimote

Section 2: Build your program

- Chapter 6: Setting up the environment design

- Topic 7: Use the designer to add iBeacons

- Chapter 8: Software Testing

- Chapter 9: Use the viewer to test the software

- Topic 10: Use iBeacons to open external web pages and video

Section 3: Advanced Editing

- Topic 11: Create a Wish List or Shopping Cart

- Topic 12: Facebook and Twitter launcher and sharing with iBeacons

- Topic 13: Add barcode or QR code

- Topic 14: Add map function using Google Map

- Topic 15: Customization of the software includes Beacons messages, icons and graphical pages

- Chapter 16: Customizing iBeacons for cellphone voices

Section 4: Distribute the program

- Issue 17: Distribute your software for testing by customers

- Chapter 18: How To Publish Your Software At Atore App

- Topic 19: Thanks and support

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