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Download Java Programming the Master Course

Java Programming the Master Course is Java Skill Skills Training Video, which is provided by Udemy Company and is available to those interested in this programming software . In this tutorial, you will be educated by your loved ones for the basics of professional skills in this programming software to learn more about it. Huw Collingbourne , a tutor for the Java Programming the Master Course , begins by introducing the introduction to the training process in this course, and continues to express concepts such as familiarity with the concepts of Java programming from scratch, how to use the sample The source code for step- by- step learning will familiarize you with the specific features of Java and many more so you can use the basics. Video Training Java Programming the Master Course is a course to learn the programming language is perfect.

Java Programming the Master Course
Java Programming the Master Course

Topics in this course:

01: Getting Started

- Welcome to this course
- Install Java and NetBeans
- What is Java?
- Source Code Archive
- The Little Book of Java
- How to use the demo projects in NetBeans
- Java and NetBeans

02: First Steps in Java

- A first program - Hello world
- Making sense of Java code
- How to open a command prompt in Windows and the Mac
- How to pass arguments to a program
- How to create visual applications
- Compiling Java programs - from source code to bytecode
- Printing text at the system prompt
- Displaying text in visual controls
- Essential features of Java programs

03: The Fundamentals of Java Programming

- Data Types and Variables
- Constants
- Design and program calculator in NetBeans
- Packages and imports
-Type conversion
- Primitives and wrappers
- Type casts
- Numeric literals
- Automatic string conversions
- Autoboxing and unboxing
- Strings
- Types and packages

04: Object Orientation

- What is Object Orientation?
- Classes and objects
- Class hierarchies
- How to create a subclass
- Methods
- Static methods and variables
- Classes and objects

05: Conditional Tests and Operators

- Operator
- Arithmetic operators
- String equality
- String equality - exceptions to the rule!
- if..else test
- switch..case
- Logical operators and Booleans
- Compound assignment operators
- Unary addition and subtraction operators
- Operator and test conditions

06: Arrays and Collections

- Arrays
- Zero-based arrays
- Initializing arrays
- for loops
- Garbage collection
- ArrayLists
- Interfaces
- Generics
- Maps
- Type-safe HashMaps
- ArraysLists, HashMaps and generics

07: Loops

- for loops revisited
- Enhanced for statements
- while
- while loop to read text file
- do..while
- Multidimensional arrays
- Iterating over multidimensional arrays
- break
- continue
- Disadvantages of break and continue
- Breaking out of a nested for loop
- Labelled break
- loops

08: Enumerated types, interfaces and scope

- Enum
- Enum and static constants
- The Enum class
- Debugging code
- Interfaces
- A custom interface
- Scope
- Local variables
- Access modifiers
- Enums and interfaces

09: Generics and Exceptions

- Introducing Generics
- Strongly-typed lists
- Generic type parameters
- Generic classes
- Generic collections
- Overriding methods
- Overloading methods
- Exceptions
- Catching exceptions
- Exception types
- Generics and exceptions

10: Files and Serialization

- File-handling
- Random access files
- Streams
- Serialization
- Saving serialized objects to disk
- Restoring serialized objects from disk
- Files and IO
- And finally ...

Other Specifications Java Programming the Master Course:

- Genre: Educational

- Manufacturer: Udemy

- Teacher: Huw Collingbourne

- Duration of training: 10 hours

- Exercise project: no

- English language

- View quality: 720 * 1280

- File format: mp4

- Subtitle Persian: No

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