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Download the iPhone App in Axure

Designing an iPhone App in Axure, videos of designing an iPhone app in Axure is for lovers of art and design mobile applications using this software , by Digital Tutors, has been prepared and published. In this video tutorial, your loved ones will learn how to use Axure to design an application for iPhone mobile phones. Antonia Anni , an instructor at the Designing an iPhone App in Axure , begins with the introduction to this training course and continues to express concepts such as setting up a mobile model in Axure , designing a home screen of the program For iPhone, creating an iPhone drop-down menu, creating scrollable content, moving animated screenshots, creating a slide show, examining the prototype in Axure and many more will introduce you to loved ones in full. For a better understanding of these topics can also see the video of Designing an iPhone App in Axure projects in the course of training as well as practical and do all topics.

Designing an iPhone App in Axure

Topics in this course:

01. Introduction and project overview
02. Setting up a mobile template in Axure
03. Designing an app for home screen for iPhone
04. Setting up a phone view
05. Checking the prototype on an iPhone
06. Creating a sliding iPhone app menu
07. Viewing the menu on the iPhone
08. Creating scrollable content
09. Animating screen transitions
10. Creating a swipe-able slideshow
11. Reviewing the prototype in Axure
12. Viewing the prototype on iPhone

Other Specifications iPhone App in Axure:

- Genre: Educational

- Manufacturer: Digital Tutors

- Teacher: Antonia Anni

- Duration: 1 hour and 13 minutes

- Training project:

- Software Required: Axure RP 7

- Release Date: 16-07-2015

- English language

- View quality: 720 * 1280

- File format: mp4

- Subtitle Persian: No

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File Password: - https://goo.gl/ogMwpS