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Download iPhone App Development With Swift

The iPhone App Development With Swift tutorial is developed for the development of an iPhone application with Swift, which was developed and published by Tutsplus . In this tutorial you will learn about the basics and how to develop the applications for this mobile operating system. Derek Jensen, professor of film learning iPhone App Development With Swift, has started a project to simplify your work starts to continue principles such as the need to launch the project, familiar with the project, the fundamentals of storytelling, how to create Layout Generating ViewController subclasses , how to transfer data through Segues, familiar with the process of data processing, creating models, familiarizing and introducing our parser, how to implement NSXMLParserDelegate, how to interact with the UI, creating a data form, how Create institutions and relationships, introduce you to the kernel of data, how to add and restore, and ... to teach you. The course of the project, training will allow you to see the movie at the same time learning all topics of discussion on further action.


Topics in this course:

01. Introduction

- Welcome
- Prerequisites
- What We Are Building

02. Setting Up the Project

- The Project Structure
- Storyboard Basics
- Creating the Basic Layout
- Creating ViewController Subclasses
- Passing Data via Segues

03. Processing Data

- Creating Models
- Introducing Our Parser
- Implementing NSXMLParserDelegate

04. Interacting with the UI

- Presenting the Feeds
- Presenting the Articles
- Reading an Article
- Creating a Data Entry Form
- Adding an Unwind Segue
- Adding Feeds

05. Core Data

- Creating Entities and Relationships
- Intro to Core Data
- Basic Core Data Interaction
- Adding and Retrieving Feeds
- Deleting Feeds
- Refreshing Feeds

06. Conclusion

- Conclusion

Other Features iPhone App Development With Swift:

- genre :

- Manufacturer :

- Teacher: Derek Jensen

- Duration of training: 3 hours and 20 minutes

- Exercise project

- Release Date: 05-03-2015

- English language

- Display quality: 800 * 1280

- File format: mp4

- Subtitle Persian: No

File Password: - https://goo.gl/ogMwpS