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Download the InfiniteSkills Learning Corona SDK tutorial

In this training course, your Corona SDK will be taught by professional mentor Rafael Hernandez to learn how to develop various platforms using the Corona Lab. This tutorial is designed for beginners who want to learn Corona SDK and Lua programming language. You do not need any prior knowledge about the development of mobile software, because this movie has all the necessary tips and instructions He teaches you. You will learn how to set up and define the project and choose the appropriate settings and configurations. You will also learn how to create objects, manipulate images, create and edit text, enter graphic objects into the project environment, schedule, create animations, use GPS and mapping. Learn to record user inputs, manage data, and ... At the end of this course, you will be able to create applications for iOS , Android and other mobile devices. This course includes a project and practice that is tailor-made to each department that you can refer to after completing each lesson and learn how to practice and learn about their use.

Screenshots of the InfiniteSkills Learning Corona SDK :

InfiniteSkills Learning Corona SDK

InfiniteSkills Learning Corona SDK

Genre: Educational

Time: 9 hours

Number of educational files: 97

English language

Broadcast format: mp4

Source: InfiniteSkills

This course includes the following topics:

01. Introducing Corona
02. Getting Started With Lua
03. Shapes, Images, And Text
04. Events And Interaction
05. Timers And Animation
06. Physics Engine
07. Physics Joints
08. Hardware And Multimedia
09. GPS And The Map View
10. Capturing User Input
11. User Interface Widgets
12. File And Data Management
13. Web Views And The Network API
14. Debugging And Resource Management
15. Finishing Touches And Device Testing
16. About The Author

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