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Download HTML5 Projects Creating an Advanced Responsive Presentation

Tutorial Lynda HTML5 Projects Tutorials Learn how to create HTML5 HTML5 language techniques. After you design your site, you need to add features like slides, pictures and videos for it. This course is taught by an expert in this field of HTML5 programming that you can take the most out of. You can use this video tutorial to Automatically play videos and slides in your site.
Lynda HTML5 Project Tutorials Creating an Advanced Responsive Presentation:
HTML5 Projects Creating an Advanced Responsive Presentation
HTML5 Projects Creating an Advanced Responsive Presentation
The main topics of this course are:
Embedding a Twitter feed in an iframe 
Creating the code for automatic playback 
Using MediaElement.js in your presentation 
Adding video and audio

This course includes the following topics:
Introduction 1m 45s
Welcome 46s
Using the exercise files 21s
Using the challenges of 38s
1. Understanding the Project 39s
Exploring the final results 39s
2. Enhancing the Slideshow 11m 43s
Embedding a Twitter feed via an iframe 2m 58s
Hiding the cursor in full-screen mode for 2m 7s
Stepping through bullet points 3m 57s
Challenge: Reverse bullet points 1m 11s
Solution: Reverse bullet points 1m 30s
3. Creating a Self-Running Slideshow 10m 13s
Creating the code for automatic playback 4m 5s
Adding bullet timing 3m 32s
Challenge: Creating a Loop 35s
Solution: Creating a loop 2m 1s
4. Adding Audio and Video 27m 3s
Using MediaElement.js in your presentation 1m 55s
Adding video 10m 38s
Moving to the next slide when the video completes 10m 39s
Challenge: Self-running audio narration 37s
Solution: Self-running audio narration 3m 14s
5. Finalizing the Self-Running Mobile Presentation 16m 32s
Adding a "smart" pause with backward navigation 6m 53s
Custom tweaks for iPad 9m 39s
6. Enabling Offline Playback 6m 53s
Using the application cache manifest 2m 24s
Testing the application cache 4m 29s

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