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Download the educational Web Programming with Python Training Video

Web Programming With Python Training Video is a Web-based programming tutorial with Python programming language developed by the famous infiniteskills company. Python is an interpretive and high-level programming language that was created by Gideau von Russom in 1990. This language is similar to Perl, Ruby (Ruby), Skim, Small Tac, and Tcl, and it's in Management It uses memory automatically. In the Web Programming with Python Training Video tutorial , Mike McMillan's expert introduces you through the development and use of web services through this programming language. The film is available at beginner's level and for people who do not have any familiarity with Python. This tutorial starts with a review of the Python programming language, and you'll quickly get familiar with concepts of data types, object-oriented programming concepts and concepts. In the sequel, Mike McMillan teaches you topics such as database programming, FTP services, web client programming, web server programming, and XML programming with Python. This tutorial includes ready-made work files that allow you to practice these tutorials during training so you can easily get to know these concepts.

Video Tutorials Web Programming With Python Training Video: Web-Programming-With-Python-Training-Video.www.Download.ir

Topics in this course:

00. Free Videos From This Course

1. Course Introduction

2. Python Programming Review - Part 1

3. Python Programming Review - Part 2

4. Database Programming with Python

5. Using Python With Internet Services

6. Web Client Programming With Python

7. Introduction To Web Server Programming With Python

8. Web / Database Applications In Python

9. XML Programming With Python

10. The Django Web Application Framework

Other Video Tutorial:

- Genre: Educational

- Manufacturer: infiniteskills

- Duration of training: 4 hours

- Number of educational videos: 51

- Teacher: Mike McMillan

- Language Film: English

- View quality: 720p

- Playback format: MP4

- Subtitle Persian: Coming Soon

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