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Download educational videos Designing with Grids in InDesign

Designing with Grids in InDesign is a design tutorial with Grids in InDesign, which is provided by Lynda for enthusiasts of this technique using this software . In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use InDesign to do this design so you can use it in your design. Nigel French , an instructor at Designing with Grids in InDesign , begins with an introduction and then discusses topics such as familiarity and how to use Grids, how to determine the size of your page, how to create a border and define a region. , How to set up a basic grid and many more to get fully familiar with these techniques. To better understand this concept, you can see the video of Designing with Grids in InDesign training project in this period, and everything you do is practice.

Designing with Grids in InDesign
Designing with Grids in InDesign

Topics in this course:

- Why grids matter?
- Determining your page size
- Creating margins and defining your type area
- Setting up a baseline grid
- Understanding the power of InDesign's Gridify feature
- Breaking your grid with images
- Maximizing white space with a grid

Topics discussed in this course:

00. Introduction

- Introduction
- using the exercise files

01. Grids: An Overview

- Why grids matter
- The parts of a grid
- Some permutations of a twelve-column grid

02. Setting up the Grid

- Determining your page size
- Creating margins and defining your type area
- Setting up your baseline grid
- Ensuring that your text columns are "bottom out"
- Potential problems with the baseline grid
- Controlling the aspect ratio of your type area

03. Grid-Related Tools and Features

- Using text wraps with grids
- Using layers with grids
- Combining object styles with grids
- Using the Gap tool with grids
- The power of Gridify
- Using the MakeGrid script
- Other grid tools

04. Fitting Text to the Grid

- Fitting subheads to your grid
- Halving your baseline-grid increment
- Accommodating paragraphs with different leads
- Using a custom baseline grid
- Working with side-by-side paragraphs on a grid
- Creating a cap-height grid

05. Breaking the Grid

- Working with bleeds and crossovers
- Rotating images and text
- Breaking your grid with cutout images
- Breaking your grid with pop-out images
- Overlapping images on your grid

06. Working with Different Types of Grids

- Using a five-column grid
- Using a seven-column grid
- Designing posters is a grid
- Maximizing white space with a grid
- Working with radial grids

07. Conclusion

- Final thoughts and additional resources

Other Specifications Educational Designing with Grids in InDesign:

- Genre: Educational

- Manufacturer: Lynda

- Teacher: Nigel French

- Duration of training: 2 hours 5 minutes

- Exercise project

- Software Required: InDesign

- Release Date: 23-10-2013

- English language

- View quality: 540 * 960

- File format: mp4

- Subtitle: No

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