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Download Educational Videos Create Your Own Website In 2 hours

Create Your Own Website In 2 hours, the educational film is creating your own website in 2 hours. It is for you interested in publishing and publishing. This video tutorial provided by Udemy enthusiasts will try to teach you how to set up a personal website in a short time so that you can easily do this using this course. Wesley Atkins , a tutor to Create Your Own Website In 2 hours , introduces the course to this course and will try to introduce you to topics such as familiarity with important issues before registering a domain. Getting familiar with SEO, how to choose a brand, how to find and register a domain , get acquainted with and learn how to register domain name, learn about DNS transfer , how to set up an email account and many more, so you can do this. . Video tutorial Create Your Own Website In 2 hours easy setup one of the best courses for a personal website.

Create Your Own Website In 2 Hours
Create Your Own Website In 2 Hours

Topics in this course:

01: Introduction

- Introduction & Course Overview

02: Things to Consider Before REGISTERING A Domain

- What you want to achieve
- SEO considerations
- Make it memorable
- Trademarked names

03: Finding & Registering a DOMAIN NAME

- Finding a domain name
- Domainsbot.com
- Thesarus.com
- Expired domain names
- Domain name registration process

04: Hosting ACCOUNT Setup & Configuration

- Hosting account signup process
- DNS transfer
- Email account setup

05: Introducing WordPress & Your Installation OPTIONS

- Introducing WordPress
- WordPress installation options
- Automatic WordPress installation
- Manual WordPress installation

06: WordPress Setup & Configuration

- WordPress overview
- Initial WordPress configurations
- How to install plugins automatically
- How to install plugins manually
- How to install themes automatically
- How to install themes manually
- WordPress template customizations

07: Publishing Content on Your Website

- How to add posts
- How to add images
- How to add pages
- How to add video
- 2 ways to display your website
- How to customize the WordPress menu
- Final tweaks

08: BONUS Section

- How to add contact forms
- How to install Google Analytics

Other Video Tutorials Create Your Own Website In 2 hours:

- Genre: Educational

- Manufacturer: Udemy

- Teacher: Wesley Atkins

- Duration of training: 3 hours

- Exercise project: no

- English language

- View quality: 720 * 1280

- File format: mp4

- Subtitle Persian: No

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