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Download the Educational Rigging with Python in Maya

Procedural Rigging with Python in Maya is a training course for Python engineering in Maya that has been developed by Digital Tutors for enthusiasts of this popular and powerful software . In this video tutorial, you will get acquainted with this method in May a so you can use this method in your design. Jakub Krompolc , instructor at Procedural Rigging with Python in Maya, begins with an introduction to his work, and continues to discuss with you, such as how to use joints, basic control programming, the creation and installation of spine, and Neck launch and many more. To understand and accelerate the learning process can also see videos of Procedural Rigging with Python in Maya training on the use of the project.

Procedural Rigging with Python in Maya

Topics in this course:

01. Introduction and project overview
02. Discussing the benefits of procedural rigging
03. Structuring our files
04. Starting the script project
05. Creating control class
06. Adding more features to control class
07. Finishing control class
08. Adding control colors
09. Creating a rig base module structure
10. Continuing rig module structure
11. Finishing basic class
12. Adjusting the shape of Global controls
13. Continuing making module class
14. Adding comments to control class
15. Applying name module
16. Finishing the library
17. Building the main character function
18. Continuing main character function
19. Implementing deformation setup
20. Integrating bSkinSaver
21. Continuing integrating bSkinSaver
22. Scripting deformation setup
23. Applying twist joints function
24. Completing deformation setup
25. Testing deformation setup
26. Scripting main control
27. Finishing main control
28. Creating spine setup
29. Adding features to spine setup
30. Finishing spine setup
31. Integrating spine setup
32. Adding and adjusting control shapes
33. Making a neck setup
34. Continuing the neck setup
35. Finishing the neck setup
36. Integrating the neck setup to rig
37. Adding new control shape
38. Making IK chain setup
39. Continuing IK chain setup
40. Finishing IK chain setup
41. Integrating ikChain setup to rig
42. Starting leg setup
43. Building the leg setup
44. Continuing leg setup
45. Finishing leg setup
46. ​​Integrating leg setup to rig
47. Testing leg setup
48. Adding more controls
49. Testing rig animation

Other Features of the Educational Rigging with Python in Maya:

- Genre: Educational

- Manufacturer: Digital Tutors

- Teacher: Jakub Krompolc

- Training time: 7 hours and 55 minutes

- Training project:

- Software Required: Python - Maya

- Release Date: 23-09-2015

- English language

- View quality: 720 * 1280

- File format: mp4

- Subtitle Persian: No

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File Password: - https://goo.gl/ogMwpS