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Download Educational Creating Beautiful Android Apps Beginner to Published

Tutorials Creating Beautiful Android Apps Beginner to Publish A tireless course of Android code tutorials to build software. It creates the feeling within you that you want to make more and better software. Maybe it's a question of why you need to build software. The first reason: If you are the only one to follow professional software, no doubt making it to yourself is another pleasure. The second reason: People who hire you for this job will pay you more money than other people who follow simple codes.

In this tutorial , you'll learn how to develop Android as a full-time beginner until released on the Play Store. Your hand in this topic is open and you can see the bugs and general problems of the process. The trainer deliberately places the bugs in the film to fix it for you. This educational film looks realistic from what you expect. Those who know a bit about the code of the Android app, or even those who are not in the field, can use the Creative Creator Beautiful Android Apps Beginner to Publish tutorial. A total of 41 topics have been prepared in the form of 5.5 hours, which teaches the design and coding of Android software.

Categorizing Topics in Creating Beautiful Android Apps Beginner to Published:

Section 1: Introduction and Launch

Topic 1: Introduction and the things you are going to learn

Topic 2: Install Android Studio and create your first project

Topic 3: A glimpse of the Android studio interface

Section 2: Beautiful Software

Topic 4: What is needed to build professional software

What is the topic of professionalism?

Chapter 6: Comfortable actions for using Android apps

Section 3: User Experience Design

Topic 7: UX design

Section 4: User Interface Design in Android Studio

Topic 8: Testing the default user interface in the Android simulator

Topic 9: Main page design

Topic 10: Add feed design

Topic 11: Edit the feed page

Topic 12: Setting up the application theme

Section 5: Creating and accessing new activities

Section 13: Connect all activities

Section 6: Database on Android

Topic 14: Setting up the SQLite database

Topic 15: Write code for storing and receiving information from the AQLite database

Topic 16: RSS Feed storage in the database

Section 7: Display List and Adapters

Topic 17: Set Adapter Address List for RSS List

Topic 18: Edit List View and Delete Items (ie RSS Feed)

Section 8: Software License

Issue 19: Android Software License (Internet Access in Applications)

Section 9: Use Libraries on Android

Topic 20: Create an RSS Feed for use in the library

Chapter 21: Installing the library to check the status of the RSS feed

Section 10: Check Feed Items and Resolve Bugs in Android Software

Topic 22: Check RSS Feed Items over the Internet (Update the first bug)

Thread 23: Resolve the RSS Library bug

Section 11: Check out the RSS Items list

Topic 24: Placing Feed Items Collected in the View List

Topic 25: Create a beautiful list

Section 12: Create a Web View for RSS Items

Topic 26: Create an RSS Item View

Section 13: Monetize the App (Optional)

Section 27: Total Earning Strategies

Topic 28: Make money through Google ads on websites

Section 14: Test and Debugging

Section 29: Test, Test, and Retry

Section 15: Software preparation for publication

Topic 30: Creating icons for the software

Issue 31: Signing up for Android software

Section 16: Create a developer account on Google and prepare a Google Play listing

Topic 32: Create a Google Developer account

Topic 33: Basic Setup of the Google Play List

Topic 34: Required icons and graphics features in the Play Store

Topic 35: App Screenshots

Section 17: Training Project

Thread 36: Easy Task Validation Feed name

Topic 37: Intermediate Task Validate the RSS address

38: Intermediate Task Arrange the RSS items according to the release date

Chapter 39: Hard Task Creates a GUI GUI to select Feed Stories

Topic 40: Hard Task Check the Internet before receiving the Feeds

Section 18: End

Topic 41: What have you learned and what is next?

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