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Download Construct 2 The Complete Game Creation Learning Tool

The Complete Game Creation Learning Tool is a complete learning tool for gaming, developed and published by Udemy to provide gaming enthusiasts. With this tutorial, you 'll find the ability to play for yourself and on different operating systems and get creative ideas. Mihai Morosanu, who teaches Construct 2 the Complete Game Creation Learning Tool , has tried to provide a step-by-step tutorial, he first explains the basics of designing and designing the game, and then goes on to learn more advanced and complex topics. goes . The videos of Construct 2 The Complete Game Creation Learning Tool on topics such as an introduction to the course, using Construct2, debugging, testing on mobile phone, creating a form of the game, creating the menu, preview, add characters, create a Platformer game, animation, enemies creation, domain, snow, rain, fire, iOS installation, game testing on Android and iOS, and so on.

Construct 2 The Complete Game Creation Learning Tool
Construct 2 The Complete Game Creation Learning Tool

Topics in this course:

01. Introduction

- Why Use Construct2
- Installing Construct2
- Creating a Hello World Project
- Resolution and scalling options
- Using Templates
- How events work
- Debugging
- Test on mobile
- How to export your html5 game

02. Creating a Flappy Bird Clone

- Create a game template
- Creating the main menu
- Background and scrolling
- Adding the player
- Adding the info image
- Adding pipes
- Angle movement
- Dying conditions
- Scoring
- Adding Sounds
- Gameover
- Gameover Events
- BestScore

03. Creating a platformer game

- Introduction
- Tilemaps
- Adding a player and double jump
- Camera follow and WASD controls
- Animation
- Bounding Box
- WallJump
- Collecting Coins
- UI
- Enemies Spike
- Enemies vertical patrol
- Enemies horizontal patrol
- Enemies shooting
- powerup
- Stomp on the enemies
- Health
- Healthbar
- Player Shooting
- Enemy health and dying
- Reloading time
- Reloading bar
- One side platform
- Moving Platforms
- The slopes
- Checkpoints

04. Bonus game: Match Arranger

- Introduction
- States of the game
- Arrays and functions
- Filling Array with values
- Checking for matches

05. Other Advanced Features

- Introduction
- Loading a custom webfont
- Tilemap shortcuts
- Multiple levels
- Spriter
- Multiple screen size
- 9patch
- Touch stick
- Snow, rain, fire
- Mobile export and mobile features
- Introduction
- Exporting from Construct2
- Setting up the project in IntelXDK
- Exporting for android
- Install the apk for testing
- Exporting for iOS part1
- Exporting for iOS part2
- Installing is on iOS part1
- Installing is on iOS part2
- Cranberry plugins
- Admob
- Google Play Services Setup Part1
- GameCenter Setup
- Play services / GameCenter setup in Construct2
- Implementing IAP in Construct2
- Creating new apk and ipa
- Solving a bug
- Google Play Services Setup Part2
- How to test IAP on google system
- Leadearboard correction
- Testing the game on iOS
- Testing the game on android

07. Source codes and resources

- Source code location

Other Specifications Construct 2 The Complete Game Creation Learning Tool:

- Genre: Educational

- Manufacturer: Udemy

- Teacher: Mihai Morosanu

- Training project: no

- Duration: More than 6 hours

- Release Date: 16-04-2015

- English language

- View quality: 720 * 1280

- File format: mp4

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